Favorite Place: Home

Favorite Place: Home

The topic for the weekly photo challenge is “Favorite Place”.  Although I love to travel, I have to admit, my Favorite Place is HOME…

Our Little Farm: Indigo Acres
Having fun with Wifey & the Critters!
UP 2017 084
Laughing through life with the kiddos!
Murphy, my partner in crime!
The Gardens

It all comes down to this…


Home is truly where the heart is…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




I’d Rather Be With Chicks!

Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

I admit, I love everything about my life!  But, I do have a few favorite things that bring me a serious amount of JOY!  Two words…baby animals!  It is Spring, and I can’t seem to help myself…  Life is too short to not purchase more baby chicks!

Look at that face!


These bantam chicks are only 24 hours old!


This little sweetie is very shy…


This tiny friend has some attitude already!


Prim and Proper!




Here is short video!  Listen to those peeps!!!

I told myself…NO MORE BABIES this year!

A few more won’t hurt, right?!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Roda’s Critter Connection

This weekend, I heard one of my favorite sounds in the whole world…the call of the pterodactyl!  Each year, I am so excited to welcome these amazing birds back to our pond for the season.  Ok…so I might be stretching the truth just a bit, but the Great Blue Heron sure sounds like a pterodactyl and looks like something completely prehistoric, when flying overhead.  What a magnificent creature!

Grab your camera and join me in celebrating your favorite critter!  No creature is too big or too small!  And remember, be like the blue heron and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…