Embracing Home…

Re-entry… It can be a bit of a challenge! I contemplate if going on vacation is truly worth it. Of course, my answer is yes! But, not for the reasons you might think. It’s not because I want a break from barn chores or piles of teenage laundry or unloading the dishwasher, one thousand times each week. I escape because it makes me appreciate home even more.


Although I was in a gorgeous place, I still thought of home. There were moments when I was in the tundra, surrounded by only snow-capped mountains and brilliant wildflowers. There were no human sounds. No cars..No voices…No technology. These peaceful moments in nature, I will treasure always. For a brief moment, I wanted to move to the tundra. I fell in love with dancing in the clouds.   Then, I learned what the weather was like in the winter.  It made Michigan look like a tropical paradise!


Regardless of the surrounding beauty, I found myself thinking of home. I missed being greeted by furry critters each morning.  I really missed the incredible flavor of farm fresh eggs. (Let me tell you, once you’ve had farm fresh eggs, you will never purchase the tasteless rubber tires, from the grocery store, ever again.) I missed listening to the buzzing of honey bees for hours.   I dreamed of venturing to the garden to pick ripe, red strawberries, knowing they were in season. I missed home.

Don’t get me wrong, I had a fabulous time. The Rocky Mountains were incredible. The views were breathtaking. The critters truly touched my heart and soul. This beautiful journey gave me a gift…the gift of gratitude.


When we arrived back home at midnight, I felt even more peaceful than when I left. I appreciated my life just a little bit more. I snuggled under my covers, with my perfectly bumpy pillow, and slept like I’ve never slept before.  I was home.

I’m so excited to share my adventures.  But for now, I’m reconnecting with the critters,  the gardens and life here at home. Indigo Acres, for me, is truly the most magical place on Earth. It feels so good to be home…

Take a moment to Be Still. Look around you and allow your life to fill you up with blessings and the gift of gratitude.

As always,

Love yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You… 




It’s a new week and she still doesn’t know!

Good morning. I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. Our dear friend Roda messaged me a few times this weekend to mention she’d arrived safely and snapped some incredibly great photos of the landscape. Two things I know already… she had an encounter with a moose (who does that???) and is visiting the tundra today. I didn’t know they had tundra in the lower continental United States. I thought you had to go to Alaska, Canada or the Arctic. Maybe she’s not really where she said she was going… hmmm…. and another thing… it’s going to be 95 degrees in New York today (where I live) and Roda knows I hate the heat. How come she gets the cool weather of the tundra and I am stuck here? Eh, maybe I should stop complaining and start enjoying that she’s finally gotten a vacation and a break since… like February… when she came to visit me in NY.

So… back to farm life while she’s away. Baxter and I had a conversation with a few of the animals this morning. Oh, in case you don’t know who Baxter is… he’s my new puppy (13 week male black and tan shiba inu – see below). I can’t share the pictures of the sheep as we have to pretend ‘it never happened‘ but the sheep at Indigo Acres have been eating up all the grass. The odd thing is they spelled a message for me with their eating pattern. I’m fairly certain the message said “Give Us More Food Please” which is kind of humorous. Not only because they’re smart enough to tell me they are still hungry, but they can spell. Who knew? Sheep can spell and communicate. Maybe it’s not Roda texting me all day long when she’s on the farm. Perhaps my days are spent discussing things with sheep?


I’ve just sent a note to the barn cats to snap some photos of the chickens so I can see how many eggs were laid today. I’m trying to convince them to pile up all the eggs in one large mound so they block the door to the chicken coop and Roda can’t get back in when she returns home. I think she’ll love the challenge of trying how to break in without making an omelette large enough to feed a small army. On that note, since my humor is quite bad this morning, I’m gonna sign out before my presence on the blog becomes known. Happy Monday!

Ramblings From Roda

img_4328Something happens to my brain, when I am preparing to go on vacation. I clean everything, to the point that the kids ask if the Pope is going to be visiting Indigo Acres. My very “Type A” personality becomes type AAA.  My normal busy days quadruple with tasks and chores.  I could give the energizer bunny a run for her money! I’m tired and filthy, to the point that if I were a bath and body scent, it would probably be titled,  “Weedy Poo”. Welcome to my life!  I love it!


To my defense, an amazing lady stays at our home and runs Indigo Acres while we are away. She is a saint! I want to make her stay here as smooth and relaxing as possible. I don’t leave our “Staycation” very easily, and honestly ask myself if the work to prepare for a vacation is worth it.  Knowing she is here, taking care of our critter family, does set me at ease. But why the serious push?

Honestly, I know the answer to my own question.   By the time I am on vacation, finally relaxed, it’s time to get back on the plane and return home.  The last thing I want to do is hit the ground running, as soon as I return.  Reentry can be painful!  I am determined to keep balance. Although going on vacation means family time and lots of photography time for me, it also is a time for renewal and restoration. When I return home, knowing that the human and animal houses are clean, means that I don’t hit that brick wall of reentry. I ease back in, with balance.


This is probably the last family vacation we will take for awhile. My oldest leaves for college next summer. (Let’s not talk about that right now) This is one of the many reasons why I’m going to embrace this time and enjoy every moment. I know that once I’m sitting on that airplane, my mind will clear and, although I will think about the animals, my main focus will be on my human family.

As much work as it is to prepare for leaving over 100 critters, I will embrace the gifts I receive from the journey.  I can honestly say that I am always filled with gratitude, when I return home to Indigo Acres. Our little farm is truly magical. Returning with a restored state of mind and balanced attitude, creates even more daily bliss. What a precious gift!

We’ve spent the past four years creating our “Staycation” here at home. But, I have to admit, taking a break from daily life allows me to appreciate it, even more, when I return.   So, while I am unplugged and enjoying an amazing adventure in the Rocky Mountains, I will rest.  My blog will rest, too.  But, I will have lots of stories and photography to share, when I return!

Over the next week, remember to take some time for you. Unplug and Just Be. It will be the greatest gift you can give to yourself…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…