July Garden Tour

I thought it was time for an update, considering the potager is flourishing! 

Indigo Acres: Potager in July

The cottage garden is in peak bloom!

We have been spending much time harvesting leaf lettuces and head lettuces. We love growing greens!  Pictured below are some of our favorites: mesclun blend, four seasons, romaine,black seeded simpson.

This time of year, we harvest a large amount of pea pods and kale, as well.

Pea Pods

We love zucchini!  What I should say is we love zucchini bread! We grow 4 different varieties.  One of my favorites is our “Zucchini Balls”!

Zucchini Balls
This is a side view of a few of our garden beds.  We grow most of our crops on black plastic.  This not only keeps weeds at a minimum, but heats the soil to appropriate temperatures, for veggies such as tomatoes and peppers.
Acorn and butternut squash grow well on black plastic.
Borage, nasturtium, dill, basil, thyme, parsley and chives are just a few of the herbs enjoying this July weather!
  Not only does our family enjoy watermelon, but it is a favorite among the chickens and ducks!
In March, we experimented growing tomatoes from seed, in the hoop house this year!  Looks like we will have some early tomatoes!

Who doesn’t love onions! We grow large red, white and yellow onions and well as green bunching onions and leeks.

Adding flowers throughout the potager becomes a wonderful food source for the bees!


This spring, a hard late frost was damaging to our apple, cherry, peach, asian pear, plum and apricot blossoms.  We were fortunate that our grapes and berries were spared.

We grow concord, reliance and himrod grapes.
Blackberries and Boysenberries will be ready soon!
Our first sunshine of the season…
When it is time to harvest, it is also time to re-seed.  Baby leaf lettuce is already sprouting for round three!

” To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow…”

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




The Wall…

Photo Challenge: Unusual

Living in Michigan, I am accustom to unusual weather.  It can be sunny one minute and hailing the next.  Last week, while kayaking off of Copper Harbor, in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula, the most unusual “Wall of Fog” appeared out of nowhere and engulfed Lake Superior within just a few moments…

The perfect weather for paddling!
From the other direction, we noticed this…
If only this panoramic could show movement.  This rolling wall of fog was moving quickly!  Maybe there are Tsunamis in Michigan!
With some quick paddling, we were off the water minutes before the wall hit the shore.
The blue sky and bright sunshine vanished, as the wind picked up and delivered a heavy mist.

“In the waves of change, we find our true direction…”


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



Always Take A Risk

During our 10 hour + drive home from Copper Harbor, we always try to find interesting places to stop along the way.  Although the view is beautiful, there is not a wealth of choices along the journey home.  Plus, we always have to keep in mind that if we choose to make a stop, our trip home will become even longer.  We have been visiting the Keweenaw Peninsula for years and made the assumption that we had discovered all of the roadside treasures…but, we were so wrong!

At the base of the Keweenaw Peninsula is the city of L’Anse.  We have never traveled into the little town, but there is a roadside stop along US-41, about 15 miles south of L’Anse.  We have never stopped…ever!  We had read in one of our new trail books that there was a trail to a waterfall at this site, so we added it to our list of “quick” stops for the way home.  Within a mile of hiking, I was speechless!  Yes, Roda had no words…

Here is our mile hike…

UP 2017 566
I was in love with the terrain instantly…you know why!!  Fairies!
UP 2017 567
Truly a tree hugger!
UP 2017 574
The beautiful Sturgeon River
A few little rapids
UP 2017 577
The Fairies were naughty here!  At least I captured one!
UP 2017 592
The trees…
UP 2017 591
There is something about the roots of an old cedar tree…magical!
The river’s edge
The stories and poems I could weave from this photo alone…magical!
UP 2017 583
The water started to become more alive and from a distance, we could hear the rushing of falling water.
UP 2017 598
The rocky river’s edge quickly became a very boxy canyon ridge.
UP 2017 597
Once again, I was enamored by the vegetation.
UP 2017 601
Such a gorgeous rocky ridge line!
UP 2017 604
We thought the falls were the highlight of the trail…but, it was what came after the falls that was the true gem of the trail!
UP 2017 607
The river gorge…if only photos could do it justice!
UP 2017 600
What’s around the corner…
There are no words…
We felt the trail had come to an end.  What else would you think when a large, mossy wall of stone was staring directly at you!?
UP 2017 620
At the end of the mossy wall we found stairs…  Rocky stairs, that led up along the trail,which followed the edge of the gorge, beyond what an eye could see.  Those stairs would remain there for another adventure, on another day…

Always remember to take a risk…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




Wonderous Waterfalls

During our time in Copper Harbor, Michigan, we spent a day exploring the wondrous waterfalls of the area!  Between the rigorous hikes and off-roading with the Jeep, we discovered some beauties…

UP 2017 281
Our first destination…

This was our initial view of Manganese Falls from the beginning of the trail head. We knew there had to be a better view and were determined to find a way to the top.  After searching through the brush, we came across a smaller trail…

UP 2017 284
Our initial view… then we started to climb!
UP 2017 293
This was our view from the top!  It was beautiful and so worth the climb.  What an amazing 45 foot drop into the gorge!
UP 2017 300.JPG
This is the magical flow that feeds the falls…

Our next stop was to view the Silver River Falls.


Silver River Falls is located off of Highway 26.  These falls might not have an impressive drop, but their width and beauty make up for it!  And who doesn’t love an old stone bridge!

UP 2017 316.JPG
Silver River Falls is about 7 feet high.

 I even took a few moments to focus on a few friends…

We decided to cross the road to take a peek at what might be on the other side of the bridge.  I was so glad we did!  This turned out to be a shot that make me smile!

It was time to continue our waterfall adventure!  Our next destination would be Jacob’s Falls, with an impressive 60 foot drop!


Jacob’s Falls

We had to explore this area.  I could feel it…there were fairies near!  It just felt magical!   We carefully climbed our way up the left hand side of the falls, using tree roots as our hand rail. Thank goodness the rocks were dry.

UP 2017 434
Our oh so helpful hand rail!
UP 2017 408
Our view from the top of the falls…

Although the view from the top of the falls was not very impressive, the view we were about to witness from behind was worth the climb!

UP 2017 423
Fairies Live Here!
UP 2017 431
I was waiting for a Hobbit to come out and say hello!
UP 2017 425
Considering there was not a safe way to continue our climb, we decided to make our way back down the rocky fall’s edge.

Before we continued our waterfall adventures for the day, we had one very special stop to make…The Jam Pot!

UP 2017 515
The Jam Pot is run by the Monks of the society of Saint John.    For more information about their life and history on the Keweenaw Peninsula visit:  http://www.societystjohn.com/ourlife/ourlife.phpr
I highly recommend the pound cake!
UP 2017 511
A view of the Monk’s Monastery, built on the rugged shores of Lake Superior.

After our delightful stop at the Jam Pot, we continued on to the impressive Eagle River Falls and Bridge.


Although I am a fan of the hidden falls in the forest, this is one impressive beast, with its 60 foot drop!

UP 2017 517
Eagle River Falls
UP 2017 525.JPG
I am always amazed how that huge waterfall can end up flowing into this babbling stream, leading out to Lake Superior.
UP 2017 547.JPG
Where Eagle River meets Lake Superior.

We had one finally destination left…Montreal Falls.  This journey was going to be our most challenging destination of the day…

UP 2017 438.JPG
After some two-tracking with the Jeep, we found our trail head to Montreal Falls.
UP 2017 457.JPG
Our trail soon became a bit more difficult to follow…but I had a feeling fairies were near!
UP 2017 459
We landed in the midst of a forest of cedar trees.  We could hear trickling water, but could not locate it at first…always expect the unexpected… Make sure you listen for the Fairies!

​The Magic of Mother Nature…

UP 2017 471.JPG
Our trail began to follow the ridge-line of Lake Superior’s shore.
UP 2017 473.JPG
Once again, after a few more miles, the trail opened up and we could hear rushing water!
UP 2017 482.JPG
Montreal Falls
UP 2017 496.JPG
A view from the top

We knew there was an upper falls in this series.  We started to hike into the woods, uphill.  We only had a few hours of light left and a long hike back…what to do??  The weather made our decision for us…it started to rain!

UP 2017 500.JPG

After a long, damp hike back, we were happy to see the Jeep!


What an amazing day!  If only we would have purchased 1 dozen Monk Muffins!

Always remember…

Do What You Love…Love What You Do!

Love Yourself… Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




Nature’s Collage

Collage – Photo Challenge

Mother Nature is filled with beautiful collage displays!  The following “collages” are from my recent hiking and kayaking trip in Copper Harbor, Michigan.

Flowing Water, Moss and Stone
Nature’s Collection
Pebble Collage
Nature’s Embrace
A Little Bit of Everything
Roots and Rock
Sunset Field Collage

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…