A Little Heat!

  Danger! Weekly Photo Challenge

I am not a risk taker.  I prefer to keep my feet firmly planted on Mother Earth.  When I contemplate the Weekly Photo Challenge topic DANGER, two thoughts come to mind…

  • Pumpkin, our deadly barn cat
  • A live volcano, pouring hot lava into the ocean, on the Big Island of Hawaii

Although it is an extremely difficult decision, I think I will start with the lessor of the two evils: The Volcano! (Watch for an upcoming post about the killer cat!) Continue reading “A Little Heat!”

Dear Mother Earth…

Photo Challenge: Earth

Happy Photo Challenge Day!  Today’s photo challenge theme is “Earth”.  I am so excited to share these photographs with you!  They are some of my all time favorites .

Now get outside! Let the Earth tickle your bare feet, while the wind plays in your hair…

Continue reading “Dear Mother Earth…”

Nature: Expect the Unexpected…

Photo Challenge – Surprise

Nature is always changing. Each day, as we walk through our gardens, we see new surprises.  Currently, gifts of tiny sprouts grow abundantly.  Fruit tree blossoms swell under the sun’s rays.  A beautiful green hue blankets the land, welcoming the new season.  Look closely, for the changes of nature are happening everywhere.  Expect the unexpected and enjoy the beautiful surprises of Mother Nature…  Continue reading “Nature: Expect the Unexpected…”