Distracted By Mother Nature

Ooh, Shiny! – Photo Challenge

I must admit…I become easily distracted by a little sparkle from a dew drop or the sun glistening off  the wings of a dragonfly.  My passion for the tiny critters in nature has become a bit of an obsession.  I find myself outside, with the intention of completing a specific task.  Before I know it, I am hyper focused, with the camera in hand, on a bumble, tree frog or grasshopper.  The 10 minute task of collecting eggs can become an hour photo shoot with dancing wildflowers or an ornate spider web.  I am surrounded by such beauty…I can’t help but want to capture each and every moment!

sunflowers, bugs,garden 8-16-018
An Indigo Friend


sunflowers, bugs,garden 8-16-17 138
I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends…


sunflowers, bugs,garden 8-16-17 207
A New Home…
sunflowers, bugs,garden 8-16-17 241
Someone Has Been Eating My Pepper Plants!
sunflowers, bugs,garden 8-16-17 147
We All Bloom In Our Own Time…


sunflowers, bugs,garden 8-16-17 181.JPG
The Calm Before The Bloom…
flowers and butterfly 8-5-17 019
Lady in Red…
UP 2017 189
Spread Kindness…
flowers and conifers aug 2017 036.JPG
Sweet Dreams…

“We often forget that we are nature.  Nature is not something separate from us.  So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature,we have lost our connection to ourselves.” ~Andy Goldsworthy

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




The Texture of Mother Nature

Textures – Photo Challenge

When I contemplate the word texture, I instantly think of Mother Nature!  From peeling bark to pillow like moss…I can’t get enough!  When words fail, Mother Nature speaks…

Black Sand Beach
Paper Bark Maple
White Pine
flowers and conifers aug 2017 145
Wisteria Bloom
Volcanic Rock
Geometry…plant style!
Leaves and moss and rock, oh my!
Rocky shores of Lake Superior
Hearts in Nature

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You


A Photo a Week Challenge: Off-Center.

Happy August 1st! August is a month of pure beauty and the beginning of change, as the crisp autumn air sits right around the corner. If you have not visited A Tale Unfolds, I highly recommend it! Ark’s photography is pure eye candy! I am like a kid in a candy shop when I see his posts.

Thank you, Ark for bringing the magic of nature to us all!


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself… Just Be You…

A Tale Unfolds

Crab Spider on Gazania.

Pantela Dragonfly.

Black -striped Hairtail.

Hillbrow Tower.

Bee Fly

Flower Crab Spider on Cosmos.

Catherine and the Koi.

Male Amethyst Sunbird.

Check out some more smashing interpretations of this theme over at Nancy’s spot. 

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Nature’s Collage

Collage – Photo Challenge

Mother Nature is filled with beautiful collage displays!  The following “collages” are from my recent hiking and kayaking trip in Copper Harbor, Michigan.

Flowing Water, Moss and Stone
Nature’s Collection
Pebble Collage
Nature’s Embrace
A Little Bit of Everything
Roots and Rock
Sunset Field Collage

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…