Nature’s Transient Nature

Photo Challenge – Transient

While I was planting pumpkins and sunflower seeds,  I began to contemplate the word “transient”.  At first, I was stumped about what my focus should be.  As my mind began to wander,  I discovered a plethora of ways “transient” pertains to nature.  I live in Michigan, so the weather is definitely transient.  Garden blooms and critters are transient, too.  Enjoy Nature’s Transient Nature… Continue reading “Nature’s Transient Nature”

Up Close and Personal

While visiting the Chicago Botanical Gardens, I had the opportunity to examine some amazing flowers, up close and personal.  (I might have even caught a glimpse of a woodland fairy, dancing in the breeze!) The sun was extremely bright, which added an extra challenge to the day’s photography goals. Unable to fight Mother Nature, I tried to use the sun’s rays to my advantage.  Over all, it was a pretty successful day!  Here are some highlights…enjoy! Continue reading “Up Close and Personal”

A Little Heat!

  Danger! Weekly Photo Challenge

I am not a risk taker.  I prefer to keep my feet firmly planted on Mother Earth.  When I contemplate the Weekly Photo Challenge topic DANGER, two thoughts come to mind…

  • Pumpkin, our deadly barn cat
  • A live volcano, pouring hot lava into the ocean, on the Big Island of Hawaii

Although it is an extremely difficult decision, I think I will start with the lessor of the two evils: The Volcano! (Watch for an upcoming post about the killer cat!) Continue reading “A Little Heat!”