Right Before My Eyes…

Time sure does fly!

It feels like it was just yesterday, when I was taking this photo of the twinners.


Then POOF!  They went from building with Legos to learning how to drive a car!  My little people are still in those tall, teenage bodies… I can see it in their eyes, when they hug me good night or tell me they love me.  They might not curl up in my lap anymore, to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom, but those creative and imaginative little souls are still in there.

The kiddos often wonder why I become teary when such exciting milestones are taking place, like drivers training or college visits.  I remind them that not only am I a highly sensitive individual, but their lives are changing so quickly.  In a year, my Bug will be heading off to college and the twins shortly after.  Although their lives will be filled with exciting changes, mine will remain almost the same.  I will have a few changes, too…

I will not see their smiling faces each day.

I will not be able to wrap my arms around them and say I love you.

I will not be able to experience their amazing sense of humor and sass, in person.

My kiddos will never live at home, full-time, again…

I remind myself that although my daily life will look a bit different, there are a few important things that I must remember…

I have spent years preparing them for their exciting adventures of adult life.

I have taught them about love, passion and kindness.

I have modeled what it means to have a work ethic.

I set boundaries and guidelines that allowed them to make choices and problem solve.

I have loved them unconditionally…

UP 2017 084

As I am typing this, with tears flowing down my cheeks, I remind myself to cherish each day.  I will embrace the daily mounds of laundry, the dishwasher running constantly and the crazy weekly schedule of three teenagers!

Why, you might ask? 

Because, I can step back and be proud of the three young adults I have raised.  They still tell me about their day, when they arrive home from school.  They still confide in me when life becomes difficult.  They still want to hang out with me, once in a while.

I feel honored and blessed to be their Mommy, for it has been the most amazing adventure of my lifetime!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…






Mommy Manifesto

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my kids!  They are caring and responsible creatures.  They are also extremely successful in school and have never been in trouble. But…


Like all creatures, there are days that reminders need to take place and Come to Jesus conversations need to happen.  Then, there are those once in a blue moon times that Mommy Manifestos need to be written…yesterday was that day!

Due to some current forgetfulness about expectations, I found myself feeling a bit frustrated and underappreciated last night.  This has only happened a few times, but my kids remember these times well.  Why, you might ask?  Well, because Mommy goes on strike. Wake up call!  I have found that putting my thoughts into writing, for my kiddos,  hits home and delivers a better outcome, compared to going off on my verbal soap box.  They are teenagers.  They have the ability to block out anything and everyone.  But, how can they block out a letter titled, “Mommy Manifesto”?!

The following declaration was sent to my kiddos last night…

Good evening!  This is a Mommy update.  Due to feeling a bit underappreciated, I am going to add a few new stipulations/reminders to your daily routine.  All of these points might not be directed at each of you individually, but overall, are fair adjustments and helpful in your process of becoming responsible and respectful young adults.  Know that I love you with all of my heart…

1. Laundry – Laundry needs to be in the laundry room before school, if you would like it completed that day.  If your laundry is put in the laundry room after school, it will be completed on the next business day.  If you need something specific, on the next business day, you are more than welcome to wash your own laundry.  I will be available, at this time, for consultation only.  Once your clean laundry is delivered to you room, it must be put away before bedtime.  The laundry basket must be returned to the laundry room.

2. Lunches – Lunches need to be pre-packed the night before school.  There will be NO lunch mania, taking place in the kitchen, at 6:30a.m.  This causes everyone, including the adults, to begin their day feeling stressed.  This lack of organization can also cause late departures for school.  Slight injury may also occur, due to wrestling over the last apple or granola bar! Think ahead and make a plan!

3. Social Life – If you would like to do something with your friends or significant others, you need to ASK not TELL the adult present, if it is OK.  This is the respectful way to approach this situation…remember, you are not 18.  Also, there are other schedules happening in our home, NOT just your schedule.

4. Bedrooms – You must be respectful of your room, for it is a part of our home.  Your room needs to be picked up, by bedtime, each day.  This includes water bottles, mugs, snack bowls, empty wrappers, etc.   Laundry needs to be hung in your closet or folded.  Clothing should NEVER be found on the floor, ever!   I don’t expect your room to be perfect, but I expect to be able to see the carpet.  I will be doing room checks in the A.M.  If these items are found in the room, there will be consequences delivered, based on my current mood and based on that given day.  Consequences will not always be the same and might not always seem fair, but I am Mommy, hear me ROAR!  Once again, be respectful of your room and our home.

5. Your weekly jobs must be completed without an adult reminder!  You are all extremely intelligent.  You have calendars, phones and sticky notes!  Do what it takes to create your own reminders.  I don’t mind how you remind yourself, just get it done.  Once again, if reminders need to be given, consequences will occur.  

Note: This Addendum begins on February 1st.  This gives you a day to ask for clarification and/or make any necessary adjustments to your worlds!

You are all amazing, loving and wonderful young adults.  I am so proud of all three of you.  I will continue to hug you often, kiss you when you leave and embarrass you in front of your friends.  Why? Because, I love you.  Remember, it is ok to hug your Mommy and remind her that you appreciate her, too.  Saying these words aloud will not cause you to melt or grow a second head!

Please acknowledge that you have received this document.  If you have questions, please ask.  Remember, this addendum begins at midnight, on February 1st, 2018!


Your Amazing & Extremely Patient Mommy

May the Force Be With Them All…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…









Peanut Butter & Jelly

I love my children, I really do!  What is not to love about 3 hormonal teenagers?  Honestly, they are pretty darn special!  I am blessed beyond words that I am “Mommy” to these awesome young adults! But…THEY NEED TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL…pretty please!?

When I think back to my 16-year-old son’s first day of kindergarten, I have to giggle.  I thought I had everything perfect.  His outfit was ready to go, his backpack was stuffed with his school supplies and the cute little note was written for his lunch box.  One would have thought that he was going to be miles away, when in fact, he was going to be in the classroom, just down the hall and around the corner from my classroom!  But, my sweet BUG was going to school!


No news was good news, on the first day of school!  I was so focused on my own 24 students that I did not have time to worry about my own little guy.  I remember taking my students to lunch, hoping to see BUG in the cafeteria.  I scanned the room and he was nowhere to be found.  One of my co-workers approached me with the following info…

” No worries, he is already outside!  He ate his lunch quickly.  When I checked to make sure he emptied his lunch box, I noticed his entire sandwich had not been touched. He immediately responded…”I can’t believe that Mommy forgot, on the first day of school, that I do not like seeds in my jelly!”

Yes, I was that mom!  He loved PB&J, but hated seeds. How could I have messed up on the first day of school!?  My child was going to starve!

I look back and giggle at this moment in time.  BUG survived!  Today, he will eat jam of any kind, at the age of 16.  But, he still lacks a bit of a verbal filter (much like his Mama) and reminds me of the seeds in his PB&J, at the beginning of each school year! If this is the biggest mistake I have made, I think I have done a pretty awesome job!  And, by the way, I now let him make his own sandwiches for school!

This poem is dedicated to my intelligent, humorous and adorable BUG…

Jelly Invasion

I think it was last Wednesday,
that it came to my surprise.
I was peering in my lunch box,
just looking there inside-
When all at once I noticed,
my sandwich was disturbed,
by something worse than ANY
sort of thing that might occur!


They were black and small and round.
What if they were beetle bugs?
Then I began to frown.
Could it be some ants? I wondered,
or maybe just some dirt,
but no, those would be pleasant things-
(my stomach sorta hurt).

Mom had made my sandwich,
but she must have been asleep,
for when she spread the jelly,
she FORGOT about the seeds…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…