His Hand…

His Hand…

Her hand, pink flesh pure as the morning dew,

held on so tightly,

engulfed by His strong, yet gentle grasp.

He walked with her for hours, patiently listening to Her dreams,

Her deepest fears,

Her endless tears.


Her hand, now older, nestled within His aging grasp,

was not equal in size, but held the same strength.

A strength passed on…from Him.

A strength modeled…from Him.

A strength embedded within Her soul…from Him.


Her hand,

fighting back the tears,

held on ever so tightly, knowing His time was near.

She sat with Him for hours, patiently listening to His stories,

His deepest fears,

His endless tears.

Her hand, caressing his cold, lifeless hand,

embraced His, one last time…


She still senses His presence,

gaining strength from His memories,

His wisdom.

She wishes, for just one moment,

to be held by Him,

to feel protected…by Him,

to Feel loved…by Him.

Her Hand holds the greatest gift,

a daily reminder,

a carbon copy of His…

♥ In memory of my loving Father
 Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Weaving a Legacy of Light

After two years in the making, this gorgeous 44-card oracle deck, bursting with positive energy, love and light is available for purchase.  I feel honored to be one of 30+ female artists and healers, from around the world, that came together to create this beautiful deck.

44-card deck and message booklet

There is no right or wrong way to use this deck.  Trust your intuition.  I like to think of the deck as a way to unlock what I already know.  There are times we all need guidance, love and support…  This deck shares beautiful messages and soul-inspired art, always reminding you to just Be You!

Art by Roda
Art by Roda

Interested in purchasing a deck for yourself or someone special?  Contact me thought my “Get in Touch” page or email me at growing.self@yahoo.com.  I have special pricing for the remainder of July, to celebrate the release of this beautiful collaboration.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



Make today Magical!

http://www.LightWeaverOracle.com website coming soon

An Adventure Called Life!

When I consider this adventure called life, I quickly come to the realization that it will be the longest, most beautiful and most challenging journey I will ever embark upon.  There will be open meadows, filled with wildflowers, laughter and love.  It is during those moments that I will dance in the sunlight and give thanks for life’s blessings.

There will also be rough terrain, showered with tears that, at times, appear impassable. Yet, these moments will teach me so many valuable lessons and allow my soul to grow and flourish.

Regardless of life’s trail, know you are never alone!  You might not know your direction, but you  can always choose who you have beside you.  Surround yourself with individuals that you can GROW with, for these beautiful souls will feed you and make you feel alive.

Reach out to those special souls that walk beside you at times, holding your hand and at other moments carry you, when you are unable to stand alone.  Take a moment to thank them for being such a beautiful part of your journey.  Celebrate this exploration of love and friendship, for it is a beautiful and unique gift.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You