Sweet 16

Today is my oldest son’s 16th Birthday!  If only we could slow down the clock!  It seems like it was just yesterday that I brought home this 10 lbs, 23 inch long bundle, without a clue about being a Mom.  Now he is a young man, filled with music, sarcasm and a joy for life!  In two short years, he will be heading off to college and I have to trust that I have taught him the skills needed to be a successful and compassionate adult.  If only I could press life’s pause button…just slow time down for just a moment.  Yet, the hands keep turning and the clock keeps ticking.  Don’t wait for the perfect day….embrace life. Make each day perfect and don’t take for granted even one moment…

img_9127.jpgEven when I spend the whole day with you,

I miss you the second you leave.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



Love is Love

Ten years ago today marks the beginning of forever.  Granted, at the time, I thought I was just going out to dinner and shopping with a new friend. We connected over gardening and both had a passion for irises. Funny how life threw a me curve ball!  I am amazed at how one simple evening made everything begin to fall into perspective.  Things that never made sense to me were becoming clear. Granted, this took time, but that one evening allowed me to begin my “journey of self”.  I began to blossom.  I felt comfortable and content in my own skin.  I felt a pull…a connection.  I could just Be MeContinue reading “Love is Love”