Follow Your Soul…

The unknown can be an exciting adventure. At the same time, this mysterious place can be extremely scary. Not knowing what the future holds means we must trust and embrace the unknown, leaving our life in the hands of the universe. It is during these times that we allow the universe to be our guide. As difficult as it may be, take a deep breath and trust…

One thing is for certain, the unknown will always bring lessons. We learn lessons and gain knowledge from each situation life offers. Some are beautiful lessons and some are painful. Regardless, they’re all lessons that encourage us to blossom and grow.

Embrace the uncertainty…

Welcome the unknown…

Trust your soul, it knows the way…

Love Yourself… Embrace Yourself… Just Be You


An Adventure Called Life!

When I consider this adventure called life, I quickly come to the realization that it will be the longest, most beautiful and most challenging journey I will ever embark upon.  There will be open meadows, filled with wildflowers, laughter and love.  It is during those moments that I will dance in the sunlight and give thanks for life’s blessings.

There will also be rough terrain, showered with tears that, at times, appear impassable. Yet, these moments will teach me so many valuable lessons and allow my soul to grow and flourish.

Regardless of life’s trail, know you are never alone!  You might not know your direction, but you  can always choose who you have beside you.  Surround yourself with individuals that you can GROW with, for these beautiful souls will feed you and make you feel alive.

Reach out to those special souls that walk beside you at times, holding your hand and at other moments carry you, when you are unable to stand alone.  Take a moment to thank them for being such a beautiful part of your journey.  Celebrate this exploration of love and friendship, for it is a beautiful and unique gift.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You


Live in the Moment…

Today is a bit of a dreary day, here in West Michigan.  It is chilly, forcing me to pull out my fleece hoodie and wool socks…again!   I find myself reflecting, on these calm and peaceful Spring days, reminding myself to live in the moment, regardless of the weather.

The conclusion of my posts always read: love yourself, embrace yourself, just be you. This is not only a daily reminder for myself, but to those reading. We all have a plethora of stories to share. Our stories are brimming with joy, sorrow and some serious plot twists. Regardless, I truly believe we will never be given anything in life that we can’t embrace, handle or overcome.


As we journey through life’s ubiquitous tribulations, we must always begin from within. We must love ourselves first, at any given moment, no matter what the circumstances. Stop wasting moments waiting for your “perfect self” or the “perfect weather”. Embrace yourself each and every moment, regardless of how you look or feel. Our chapters won’t always be filled with happiness and our reflections won’t always display the strongest versions of ourselves. Welcome to life…embrace the amazing, the awful and the in betweenimg_1578

Take a moment to remind yourself what is truly important. Focus on your journey and how far you have climbed. Think of those stormy waters and recognize how the winds have shifted. Take a moment to breathe and feel joy inside. Celebrate how far you have come, up until this moment. Don’t turn the page to tomorrow, before you have even experienced today.

So, on this beautiful Tuesday, WATER YOURSELF WITH LOVE and allow yourself to FLOURISH! It doesn’t matter how you look or feel! Just focus on flourishing to the best of your ability! At the end of today, remind yourself that you did the best you could and that is truly enough. And this my friends, will allow you to GROW

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…