Fill Your Heart With Passion!

Magical sunsets, road trips with friends, joyous laughter, dripping ice cream cones, music that touches the soul and precious dew drops…

What sparks a fire in your soul?
What fills your heart with passion for life?


Whatever it may be…GO…GO DO THAT!
Why are you still reading?
Go! Go and nourish your soul…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Good-Night My Friend…

Yesterday was a day filled with mixed emotions.  Unfortunately, I had to say good-night to my sweet friend, Cutie.  Now keep in mind, I never say good-bye…ever!  I say “night” when I hang up on the phone with a friend, and I say “night” to my kiddos when they leave for school…it is just part of quirky me.  Good-bye feels too permanent for me.  So, I choose to say “good-night”, instead.  I truly believe that my friends and family, that have crossed over, are with me each and every day.  They live in my mind, my soul and my heart.  I am all about keeping memories alive!

Cutie lived a beautiful life, but she was just tired.  It was her time.  I knew it…she knew it.  She positioned herself under her favorite pine tree, yesterday morning.  I sat with her for about an hour, knowing I would not want to be alone during my final hours. She fell asleep in my lap, as I stroked her soft feathers.  Her breathing was shallow, but she was not in pain. I found it interesting that her small flock of Sebright and Silkie friends remained very close.  They were not free ranging, in search of tiny bugs and morsels.  They were just sitting, as if to say their own “good-nights”.

To some, Cutie would just be a bird…a chicken, no less.  But, she was my friend and a member of our family.  She brought me joy each and every day of her life.  She asked for nothing…ok, so many she asked for a few meal worms, but what she gave back was so much more.

Yesterday was that “one bad day”.  I was blessed with over 1000 beautiful days with Cutie, which makes that one difficult day worth it.

Hug your special friends today, furry, feathered and human!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You….



It’s the Little Things in Life…

It’s the little things in life that truly make me smile and fill my heart with joy!

Adorable ducklings sure know how to bring an instant smile to my face.

Meet Franklin
Look at that adorable little face!!


We were not planning on adding to our duck flock this year.  I have been so strong…until yesterday!  We added to our chicken flock, so it seemed only fair to add to the quackers as well!

It’s the little things…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…