A Month of Blooms: The Bearded Iris

In Honor of Wifey’s Birthday Today…


This is one of the favorites, in our bearded iris collection!  She is just beautiful, yet very mysterious. If I could name her, I would call her Edgar Allan Poe!

“There is no beauty without some strangeness.”

~Edgar Allan Poe

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


A Month of Blooms: Peony


I am sure many of you have come to the conclusion that I am truly a woodland fairy that flutters from bloom to bloom, talking about the daily garden gossip with frogs and snails and bumbles. And guess what? You are exactly right! I have a bit of an interest…no passion…no addiction to gardening. Actually, I have a bit of an addiction to life. I love my life and my only wish would be for more time. My days are a beautiful flourish…just one more reason to slow down and smell the flowers! There are days, I can be on a highly focused mission one minute and as soon as a dragonfly zooms by or I notice a flower in full bloom, I stop dead in my tracts. At that very moment, my flourish ceases and I am One with Mother Nature.


I have had a passion for peonies for as long as I can remember. My Grandmother grew beautiful magenta peonies in the front of her home. She would cut large blooms and float them in water. I remember the chipped blue willow bowl she always used for her bloom display. I was mesmerized by the little illustrations throughout the dishes, spending long moments observing the bloom and the dish, which sat on a hand crocheted table runner, of highly detailed proportion. Thankfully, I am blessed to have a few of Grandma’s Peonies thriving in my garden to this very day.

I have to admit, I love the flower buds equally as much as I love the blooms. There is something about these tightly layered buds that hold a beauty all of their own. They appear to be giant gum balls! Peonies have a bud burst unlike any other plant!

Unlike many perennials, peonies don’t require division. In fact, the ancient Greeks believed it was dangerous to remove peony roots from the ground. If the task had to be fulfilled, it was completed in the deep night, for if seen, a woodpecker would arrive and peck out the digger’s eyes. I don’t know about you, but my peonies can grow as big as they like! I prefer my eyes just the way they are! Be Warned!


One of the reasons I have a passion for peonies, besides their beauty, is the fact that they don’t seem to be the focus of attack, by insects or other pests! (Granted, the critters are probably afraid of the woodpecker, too!) I do observe ants feasting on the nectar, but they are harmless.  The peony was first cultivated for medical purposes and then became a symbol of love. I truly admire the silent strength the peony represents.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said,
“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”

I know he was referring to the Peony…


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


A Month of Blooms: Wisteria

I have a passion for vines!  This 15-year-old wisteria vine climbs up the side of our upper deck and covers the railing.  I prune new growth throughout the season and hard prune the entire vine, in the fall.  It is truly a beast and needs extreme support!


The Japanese wisteria (wisteria floribunda) is in the pea family and native to Japan.  This vine will grow 30-40+ feet.  It is extremely woody and blooms mid-spring.  This USDA plant is hardy in zones 5-9, living over 50 years!

A bonus critter!
A gift for the bees

Grab your camera and share your favorite blooms, for the month of June!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…