A Sign of Spring: Stop the Presses!


Many of you know that I love critters!  The Winter can be difficult for me, not so much due to the snow and cold, but because I miss my outdoor critters.  Although Wifey loves our furry and feathered farm friends, she is not a fan of my creepy crawly pals.  Due to this, I am on “Bug Duty” full-time!  Everyone knows they are NOT to kill any critters, due to the “non-kill agreement” in our home. This means no throwing shoes at spiders and definitely not flushing ANYTHING down the potty!

Tonight, Wifey entered the kitchen and stated the following, “If I can’t kill it, then you need to remove it from our window, stat!”  I was instantly filled with excitement!  It felt like Christmas morning! The critters must be waking up!! And, I was absolutely correct!  Look at this cutie…


Wifey was not amused, when I took the time for a mini photo shoot.

Such a cute little Stink Bug: Brown Marmorated

It doesn’t take much to bring me pure joy!


Oh, one more thing…we won’t mention to Wifey that this little friend has wings and flew off my finger and is still somewhere inside the house.  As far as she knows, he has been released into the wild! Wink-Wink

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



Roda’s Critter Connection

Since my garden critters are still sleeping, due to the cold weather, I have to turn to my furry friends for a little Critter Love…

Love from Master Frodo

Last week, I asked Wifey to help take a few photos of me, for upcoming projects.  Keep in mind, she does not enjoy taking pictures and tends to chop body parts off!  Her eye site is not on her side, so I have to give her credit for trying!  Although, we did get a few shots I was pleased with, the 200 other shots were hilarious…

When Magic and Indy both photo bomb the shot!
Magic was a wee bit jealous of my Frodo time!

Although I had planned on the photo being with Master Frodo, it looks like the big baby of the farm got her way!  Let’s just say, after this hour-long adventure, I think Wifey is done taking photos for quite some time!


This one pulls at my heart strings…  I know Velvet was here in spirit.


Each Monday, grab your camera and capture your favorite critter or critters!  No critter is too big or too small!

Love Yourself….Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…