Your Chickens are Trying to Kill Me!

Wifey seems to be having a bit of an issue with the ladies.  I don’t understand what the problem is?  The girls are sweet as can be to me. They say “good morning” and even move over, just a bit, so I can easily collect their eggs.  Yet, Wifey tells a bit of a different tale.  I think it is time for a little Wifey interview, to shed some light on the chicken situation…

Me:Ok, now what is the problem with the girls?

Wifey: They are trying to kill me!

Me:Don’t you think you are overreacting just a bit?  They are sweet ladies, and I really don’t think they are trying to hurt you.

Wifey:You were not out there!

Me:Ok, I agree.  I did not collect eggs today.  Why don’t you tell me what happened and what you did to upset the ladies.

Wifey: I did not do a thing to upset the ladies!  That white one, with the dot on her head, tried to kill me!

Me: Do you mean my sweet Angel?  The polish/silkie cross?

Wifey: That chicken is a mutt!  And, it behaves like a pterodactyl…no a raptor!

Me: Angel has always been sweet and gentle with me.  Are you sure we are talking about the same chicken?

Wifey: I knew you would not believe me, so I have surveillance footage for proof!  I nearly lost a finger because of that bird!

Me: Ok, let’s see it…

Wifey:See!  I told you! I am so done with that chicken!

Me: I am sorry, but I have to side with Angel.  She was obviously frightened.  You did not even say hello to her, you just reached down, with your scary farm glove and tried to steal her potential babies!  I would attack you, too!

Wifey:Of course you would side with a chicken!  (Insert eye roll)  That chicken and her brood are all yours tomorrow.  I am so done!  And by the way, Mama tried to kill me, too!

“Mama” – Partridge Rock

After this conversation, I decided to walk out to Angel’s coop and check in on her.  I immediately said “hello” and scooped her up.  She glanced at me, with those beautiful eyes  and gave her usual friendly chirp!  Look at that face!  Does that look like the face of a killer?

Sweet Angel

Watch for an update, coming soon, about Wifey and the so-called “killer chickens”.

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Linda’s Black & White vs. Color Photo Challenge

The amazing Dragon Queen, a.k.a Linda, over at  started a fun black and white vs. color photo challenge! Grab your camera and join in on the fun!

The ladies are sure laying some gorgeous eggs this season!


 I so love the beautiful colors, but there is something about the black and white shot that draws me in…it feels timeless.


Which one is your favorite?

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When Fashion & Nature Collide: March Edition

Fashion is such a beautiful form of self-expression.  Although, I do enjoy clothing, I admit that I am not a poster child for the latest fashion craze.  If sandals, embroidered floral jeans and “I  my donkey” tees are in style, then I am golden!  I do find it interesting to learn about current trending styles and colors, but I will always be true to myself.   Feeling confident and comfortable, in my clothing, always makes me feel extra fabulous! As I always say, JUST BE YOU!

Nature is a constant inspiration for not only my art and photography, but in my daily life.  Nature is inspiring!  Just walk outside…the smell of Spring…a bird’s love song…it doesn’t take much and my senses explode!  Mother Nature’s inspiration is endless… we just need to slow down and take the time to notice.

On the third Wednesday of each month, you will experience the beautiful collision between nature and fashion. Keep in mind, my focus will be to share a detailed background of my critter photography, featured in the current edition.  I will reblog the other three posts, from The Arty Plantsman (botanical photography), LisMorePaper (Artist) and 3C Style (Fashion) to present you with “When Fashion & Nature Collide” in its entirety.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy…

When Fashion and Nature Collide

March Edition

Critter Photography Features

Silver Sebright Bantam Chicken

Sebright Bantam – The Sebright is a breed of chicken named after its developer, Sir John Saunders Sebright. This fantastic little breed, weighing only 20 oz., is one of the oldest recorded British “true” miniature breeds. Most bantam breeds have a corresponding full-size version, but not the Sebright. This little one is in a class all alone! Through a very selective ornamental breeding process, this beauty was created in the 19th century.
Sebrights are gorgeous creatures that have slate blue skin and non-feathered legs. Their feathers are laced around the edges with black and have a base color of either dark gold or silver. Their combs, ear lobes and wattles vary from bright red to mulberry. The hens are not prolific egg layers and only produce 60-80 creamy-white eggs each season. Sebrights are extremely friendly and very social birds, while retaining a strong flying ability. This breed is generally hardy and is a beautiful addition to any backyard flock.

photo mar 17, 10 19 55 am
Sebright Fashion Inspiration by 3C Style, Photography of 3C Style by Marie-Claude Viola, Nature Photography by Roda

Spotted Cucumber Beetle on a Chrysanthemum

Spotted Cucumber Beetle (Diabrotica Undecimpunctata) This colorful beetle is native to North America. Although it has a major cute factor, it is known as a serious pest to gardeners and farmers. In adult form, the spotted cucumber beetle damages leaves of many crops. During the larval form, this pest is known as the southern corn rootworm. It spends its days tunneling through the roots of tender plants, eventually killing them. Adult beetles are greenish-yellow and have six large black spots on each side of the sheath. They make their home throughout southern Canada, continental USA and parts of Mexico. Although this is a stunning insect to photograph, I highly recommend keeping a close eye on your veggies, if the spotted cucumber beetle comes to visit!

photo mar 17, 10 36 21 am
Spotted Cucumber Beetle Fashion Inspiration by 3C Style, Photography of 3C Style by Marie-Claude Viola, Nature Photography by Roda

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RodaMontagePhoto Mar 17, 9 48 08 AM

Mark your calendars! You won’t want to miss the 2nd Edition of “When Fashion and Nature Collide“, on April 18th

“There is something magical about being nestled among a field of wildflowers or resting on a fern covered forest floor, waiting for gifts from Mother Nature. For me, it is not just about photography…it is about being one with magnificent creatures, up close and personal.”

~ Roda


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