Winter to Spring: A 12 Hour Transformation

As I opened the garage door yesterday morning, I was greeted by this view…


Yes, I know, it is beautiful!  But, it is not January, February or even March!  It is April and this garden fairy needs sunshine, blue sky and blooms!  After hugging the kiddos and sending them off to school, I quickly closed the garage door, hoping I was having a weather nightmare.  As I entered the dining room, this was my next view…


Yes, I know, it looks like a Winter wonderland.  I also agree that it is truly magical.  But, I need tulips and daffodils and ladybugs!  Since I decided that I must be sleep walking, I did exactly what a good garden fairy should…  I pulled out my super hero garden cape, strapped on my personal flame thrower and in about 12 hours…


My problem was solved!  Looks I can pull out the plow sticks along the driveway!


And, the pool will be open in just a few weeks!  Pool party! Who’s coming?!

Now it is time to celebrate!


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself….Just Be You…







Right Before My Eyes…

Time sure does fly!

It feels like it was just yesterday, when I was taking this photo of the twinners.


Then POOF!  They went from building with Legos to learning how to drive a car!  My little people are still in those tall, teenage bodies… I can see it in their eyes, when they hug me good night or tell me they love me.  They might not curl up in my lap anymore, to read The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Chicka Chicka, Boom Boom, but those creative and imaginative little souls are still in there.

The kiddos often wonder why I become teary when such exciting milestones are taking place, like drivers training or college visits.  I remind them that not only am I a highly sensitive individual, but their lives are changing so quickly.  In a year, my Bug will be heading off to college and the twins shortly after.  Although their lives will be filled with exciting changes, mine will remain almost the same.  I will have a few changes, too…

I will not see their smiling faces each day.

I will not be able to wrap my arms around them and say I love you.

I will not be able to experience their amazing sense of humor and sass, in person.

My kiddos will never live at home, full-time, again…

I remind myself that although my daily life will look a bit different, there are a few important things that I must remember…

I have spent years preparing them for their exciting adventures of adult life.

I have taught them about love, passion and kindness.

I have modeled what it means to have a work ethic.

I set boundaries and guidelines that allowed them to make choices and problem solve.

I have loved them unconditionally…

UP 2017 084

As I am typing this, with tears flowing down my cheeks, I remind myself to cherish each day.  I will embrace the daily mounds of laundry, the dishwasher running constantly and the crazy weekly schedule of three teenagers!

Why, you might ask? 

Because, I can step back and be proud of the three young adults I have raised.  They still tell me about their day, when they arrive home from school.  They still confide in me when life becomes difficult.  They still want to hang out with me, once in a while.

I feel honored and blessed to be their Mommy, for it has been the most amazing adventure of my lifetime!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…






Roda’s Critter Connection

It was difficult to decide which critters to feature today.  I have a dozen adorable ducklings and 22 baby chicks that have captured my heart and my camera lens!  But, I did take some time away, to visit the botanical gardens, for a few hours of butterfly bliss…

Common Blue Morpho – Morpho peleides
Up Close and Personal
I can’t decide which I like better: the beautiful brown outer wing or the stunning blue inner wing!
Common Blue Morpho


A few other magical friends…


Small Postman – Heliconius erato
Small Postman – Heliconius erato


Sara Longwing – Heliconius sara


Trust in the magic of new beginnings…



Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…