Happy Birthday, Murphy!

Birthdays are a pretty big deal around our house!  This weekend is a very special celebration, for my baby boy turns 1-year-old on Sunday!  It is hard to believe that he is walking, eating on his own and is completely potty trained!  He is absolutely brilliant!  He knows the names of all of his toys and is an amazing listener!  I feel blessed to have this sweet boy as my son…

Ok, so maybe that is a bit over the top!  Let’s try again…

I am blessed to have this sweet boy as my daily shadow and pal! I love you bunches, Murphy! Woof!

A Year in Review, Murphy Style









I told my best friend that I loved him…he wagged his tail and licked me!

Happy Birthday, Little Buddy!


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



Mixed Emotions

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am filled with mixed emotions. Each year, I focus on the beautiful celebration of my three children. I am over the moon excited about the young adults they are becoming. They are beaming with confidence and are blessed with so many gifts. They fill my days with joy and laughter… I can’t imagine a better gift!  Yet, while my heart is filled with love, as this special day approaches, there is a small dark cloud that always lingers, leaving my emotions a bit unsettled… Continue reading “Mixed Emotions”