The Gift of Gratitude: Trees

Today celebrates Day 7 of my 31 Days of Gratitude.  Trees are one of my most favorite gifts of Mother Earth.  They hold such a beautiful balance between land and sky.


The tree is often a reminder to remain true and grounded, no matter how challenging a situation may be.  This stunning and intricate part of nature reminds me that my roots run deep and will nourish me, during times of need. I am thankful for the yearly reminder of change, as colorful hues release and blanket Mother Earth.  Most importantly, the tree teaches me to always…GROW!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


The Gift Of Gratitude: Sunshine

Today celebrates Day 6 of my 31 Days of Gratitude.  I love sunshine and blue skies!  


I dream of soft green grass, crisp blue skies and fluffy white clouds! It is amazing how just the warmth of the sun’s rays, makes a normal day significantly better.  Our days are short this time of year, and the cloudy days outweigh the sunny, by far.  On a sunny day in the winter, you will find me fighting off the cats, for the biggest sun spot in the house!

Wherever you are in the world today, I hope the sun is shining inside and out!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



The Gift of Gratitude: Rain

Today celebrates Day 5 of my 31 Days of Gratitude.  As I look out at the grey sky and wet grass, I could allow myself to become a bit gloomy, but then I am reminded of the gift of rain.

10-14-17 002

Rain is such an amazing recycling program!  I remember how excited my 2nd grade students were, when we learned about the water cycle!  The thought that they could be jumping in puddles that were once water sources for dinosaurs…One simple thought and I had them hooked!

I am thankful to have clean water daily for basic functions in life.  Those cold and rainy days also bring water to Mother Nature’s plants and animals, which in return give us so much back.  A few indoor days for me equals growth and cleansing for these incredible creatures.

Remember…without rain, nothing GROWS

Learn to embrace the storms, both inside and out!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


10-13-17 004