Our Big Island Adventure: Part III

After exploring the haunted MacKenzie State Park, we were extremely content to continue on our way down Kaimu-Kapoho Rd.   We were very excited to head South, for we knew what was waiting for us at the end of this winding stretch of road…an active volcano! Before long, the road ended, due to past lava flows, in the small town of Kaimu.  This town was completely destroyed and buried, by an eruptive flow of lava, in 1990. It is known for its black sand beach, which has been restored since the flow.  Locals and visitors continue to bring sprouted coconuts to restore the lost trees.

From this point, we took the fork in the road, which led us to a large parking lot filled with bike rentals.  We were at the East entrance of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park …our adventure was about to become a bit heated, to say the least! Continue reading “Our Big Island Adventure: Part III”

Our Big Island Adventure: Part II

On day three, we were up with the chickens and ready for some exploration!  We said goodbye to Hilo and made our way south to the Puna District.   Our first stop was the Lava Tree State Park.  We almost missed it, for this little, wooden sign was the only marker at the entrance.

img_7593 Continue reading “Our Big Island Adventure: Part II”

Our Big Island Adventure: Part 1

​It has been almost 7 months since we returned from our 10 day adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii! I am still talking about it, thinking about it, and reliving it through the 1500+ photographs I took, while exploring this breathtaking island.  It was an adventure of a lifetime!  Continue reading “Our Big Island Adventure: Part 1”

Mystery Blogger Award

I am so excited to be nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award! ♥ I would love to thank the creative and talented Nel for nominating me! If you have not visited her blog, I recommend you check it out!  Nel shares her experiences, photos and feelings, based on inspiration.  I so enjoy her blogging adventures! http://reactionarytales.com Continue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”

Be Still…

I wish you nothing but love and joy today, as you celebrate the amazing women in your life!  May they teach you, build you up and fill your heart with love!    Find gratitude in the thought that they have guided you, loved you and many times, put your own happiness and well-being ahead of their own.  These women have given you a seed of love that will bloom for all eternity.  Tend to that love, allowing it to flourish for a lifetime…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Mixed Emotions

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am filled with mixed emotions. Each year, I focus on the beautiful celebration of my three children. I am over the moon excited about the young adults they are becoming. They are beaming with confidence and are blessed with so many gifts. They fill my days with joy and laughter… I can’t imagine a better gift!  Yet, while my heart is filled with love, as this special day approaches, there is a small dark cloud that always lingers, leaving my emotions a bit unsettled… Continue reading “Mixed Emotions”