A Pile of Rocks & A Trip Home


Has it really been a week already? That’s just way too fast… at least the farm has been quiet the last few days. It took a lot of time to put it back together this morning after we moved everything around for the week.  We played ‘Hide the Hay’ with the horses, goats, sheep, and donkey. They weren’t happy, and unfortunately took it out on the Chicken House. Roda had only built it just last month, but it’s been knocked down. Shh… we’ll tell her there was a freak storm and it blew away. Or maybe Three Little Pigs huffed and puffed a lot. I know she wanted to get some pigs at some point… I bought her them as a gift, but just this morning, wouldn’t you know… they all ran away with some Wolf!


Any guess whether someone piled those rocks like that or it was natural evolution?


Let’s play a game… what words are about to come out of Roda’s mouth in that photo?

  1. “I’ve walked too much, my hips hurt.”
  2. “Take that, High Altitude.”
  3. “I’m gonna do the Macarena, wanna join?”
  4. “No, I will not go back to Michigan.” <<along with a heavy foot stomp.
  5. “I need to use the outdoor facilities, can you please turn the camera off?”


Wait… who snapped this photo?


Ah, some day, I’ll be back, she says…


Well, I’m glad I could join you for the week… it’s been fun sharing Roda’s excursions, family secrets and the TRUTH about what happens on the farm. I wonder if I’ll be punished…



Lakes and Snow… definitely the Arctic

Good Morning! I forgot to schedule the post for yesterday, so you’re getting it a little bit later than planned… oh well… it happens. How did you like that fashion and nature collision from Wednesday? Four very talented artists with a skill I greatly admire!


Let’s chat a bit about today’s featured image: Two snow people sorta holding hands, except the smaller one is missing its limbs and eyes! I wonder if there was something funny going on that day. Maybe Roda had a little too much ice wine up there in the tundra. Or maybe they’re playing a game of “And Then There Were None” by Agatha Christie… there were 5 snow people at the beginning, but one by one they disappeared off into the lakes and mountains as seen in the photos below. Don’t worry, they won’t disappear forever like in my favorite mystery novel — perhaps they were just running away to get some quiet time from… never mind, I’ll stop there… in the end, Roda will be standing on her own waving at us from the mountain top and telling us she conquered the world! I can hear her now… “I Win. I’m the Winner!” Oh, the competitions we’ve had in the past. By my count, I’m ahead by 2 to 1. She’ll never acknowledge it.


What a view on that one!


This is Emerald Lake, but shouldn’t it be more green?


If that’s Bear Lake, where’s the bear?


Oh found the bear… Oops, that’s just Roda! How happy she looks to be in nature.


This one looks more like a volcano hidden under the snow. I wonder what’s next… an underwater photo of a shark swimming around the island? We’ll be back for one final post later tonight or in the morning depending on when Roda and I connect, and if I’m asleep already. I am worn out by that little puppy who likes to be up at 5:30 AM, so my bedtime is now like 10 PM. Even on a Friday… Oy vey! Did I spell that properly?

When you see an elk, do you run TO or FROM it…

Fear is a strange thing. Sometimes the adrenaline can motivate you to do things you never thought possible. A few people thrive on it. Others freeze up and feel paralyzed. If you know Roda at all, when it comes to animals whether on the farm or wild and free in nature, she will generally embrace it. What’s that motto she says all the time… “Be Still”

Yesterday our fun traveler stumbled upon a wild elk in the Arctic Circle. I still don’t believe she’s in the Midwest, so for the remainder of the week, I’m going to act as if she’s near the North Pole given there’s snow in the background. She found an elk! Who does that? And she got close enough to take photos of it. Do you see those antlers? How would you have reacted? Run TO or FROM it?


I asked myself that question but decided I’ll be brave today. For me, it wouldn’t be an elk, it would be Roda’s bee farm (is that what you call it?)… for weeks, all she kept telling me is “I have to paint another hive.” Seriously… how many hives do you need? Those bees are demanding! I was once stung in the eye as a child while playing on my slide. A neighbor’s blackberry tree branches were within a few inches of the top portion of the ladder. The bee decided I had invaded its territory and wanted revenge, so my eye suffered. Years later, my dog, Ryder, chased a bee on the terrace and felt the wrath of the tiny little creature.

I don’t blame an animal for relying on its instinct to protect and defend. But if that were a bee hive I stumbled upon, I would definitely run FROM it. And so… every time my dear Big Sis tells me to visit the farm and put on a bee suit, I die a little inside. Maybe I can convince her to swap the bee for this elk, and I might actually not need to use my own instinct to protect and defend… ‘cuz I can be mean and scary if I need to be!

I’ve rattled on enough today. And tomorrow, I will give you all a break as I remember something about Roda pre-posting for a special occasion… REMINDER!  GrowingSelf will celebrate the beauty of fashion and nature!  You won’t want to miss the June addition of When Fashion and Nature Collide on Wednesday, June 20th!


The Arty Plantsman