A Walk Amongst the Trees

10-16-17 003

As I journey down the path, towards the trees, I feel the energy of Mother Earth beneath my feet. The sun’s rays radiate across my pink cheeks, warming them with her touch.

As I breathe deeply, the aroma of a nearby campfire floats among the autumn breeze.

The crisp leaves hang from the trees, holding on for just a bit more, to dance in the sun’s glow. Their brothers and sisters have already released their grip and blanket the Earth, soon to become nutrients for new life in the Spring

As the forest thickens, the glistening beams of light become sparse. The wind can no longer reach my chilled face and darkness briskly approaches.

I was once frightened of the dark, for it conjured up visions of unrest, leaving my heart pounding in my chest and my pulse racing.

As I stand, surrounded by stoic soldiers of the woods, the last beacon of light dissipates. Only shadows remain, illuminated by the lingering light that dims all too quickly.

At this very moment, I could allow my head to supersede reality, for I sense my insecurities knocking ever so gently… tap… tap… tap…

But, as I peer over my shoulder, I shift my sites overhead to the glorious moon.  Her beams embrace the stars and caress the night sky, ever so gently.

She blankets me with peace and contentment. Her light radiates across my face and for a moment, presents visions of fire flies, from warm summer evenings, magically dancing throughout the sky.

Alas, it is time to return…

As I journey down the path, amongst the darkened trees, the forest opens up once again. The night sky brightens and the stars twinkle in my presence.

I pause for a moment and turn, gazing towards the silence of the trees.

I breathe deeply, closing my eyes.

I no longer fear the depths of the night….

I embrace her mystery,

For my soul has found peace.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




How about a Tuesday morning poem, to kick off this beautiful day?!   This is one plant that I do not embrace and it feels exactly the same about me!  I wish you all a poison ivy free gardening season…


Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is that bumpy stuff,
that red and sore and lumpy stuff,
that somehow grows upon your face
and legs and arms and every place.

It itches, scratches, tickles too!
What’s a little kid to do
about that poison ivy goo?
This is torture, through and through!

The doctor said that Calamine
will soon become a friend of mine,
it stops the creepies, crawlies too,
now I know what I must do!

I’ll drink that Calamine, I will
to stop that poison ivy’s thrill!
I’ll drink it in one gulp or two;
I’ll drink it till my face turns blue!

But wait a minute, let me think,
will my speckled face turn pink,
from the Calamine you see,
is it worth it? No sirree!

I guess I’ll have to wait and see
how long these bumps will visit me.
Today, I guess they’re here to stay,
but tomorrow I hope they go away!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…