The Fairies Have Returned…

When I was a little girl, I would run through the backyard with a mason jar, filled with grass and twigs, waiting to catch fairies at dusk. It was a good thing the mosquitoes never liked my blood. Although, I was afraid of the dark, I could not stay away from this summer ritual.


After filling my jar with numerous glowing fairies, I would quietly creep back into the house and into my bed. Gently, I would position the jar on its side and carefully slide it under my pillow. I had my nightlight… My fairies kept the three-eyed monsters, that lived under my bed, at bay. I was safe from the reality of my own imagination.

At daybreak, I would head outside, feeling the morning chill against my pale skin and the dewdrops between my toes. It was time to release my fairies, only to catch them again that evening. A smile would fill my face, for I could hear their giggles, as they playfully flew away into the sun’s rays.

Last night was that night… The night the fairies were out in full force. I could hear them flit past my face, as their wings fluttered in flight. Unlike those childhood nights, tonight I let them fly freely. But soon, just one more time, I will catch them in that old, glass mason jar. Maybe, I will try to take a photograph… Or maybe, I will just take in their beauty, leaving another memory painted in my soul for all eternity…

Wishing everyone a magical day…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…





Tapping at Your Soul…

I can say for certain that Spring is finally here! The grass is growing and there is a beautiful hint of green, among the trees.  There is something magical about those tiny leaf tips, painting the world with life, once again.  Today, a gentle rain is falling…  What is it about the soothing sound of rain that fills my soul with peace?


The magnolia tree is in full bloom, which is another sure sign of Spring!


But, my favorite sign of Spring is baby animals!  Now that the daytime temperatures are above 60 degrees, the ducklings are able to venture out of their heated hoop house to enjoy some outdoor play time.  Once fully feathered, they will be transitioned out to the adult flock.

Ducks love a beautiful rainy Spring Day!

On rainy days like today, I am filled with gratitude.  I am in love with my life.  I would not change a thing! (Ok, unless that means adding more critters!)   To live life filled with passion…what a beautiful gift.  It is an inner pull that waits until I am ready, but keeps tapping at my soul until I answer.  I love the tapping of passion.  I listen to the tap, tap, tap and when I am ready, I answer!

What passion is tapping at your soul?  Listen to it…take a risk…answer the call…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Silver Laced Polish Chick

Winter to Spring: A 12 Hour Transformation

As I opened the garage door yesterday morning, I was greeted by this view…


Yes, I know, it is beautiful!  But, it is not January, February or even March!  It is April and this garden fairy needs sunshine, blue sky and blooms!  After hugging the kiddos and sending them off to school, I quickly closed the garage door, hoping I was having a weather nightmare.  As I entered the dining room, this was my next view…


Yes, I know, it looks like a Winter wonderland.  I also agree that it is truly magical.  But, I need tulips and daffodils and ladybugs!  Since I decided that I must be sleep walking, I did exactly what a good garden fairy should…  I pulled out my super hero garden cape, strapped on my personal flame thrower and in about 12 hours…


My problem was solved!  Looks I can pull out the plow sticks along the driveway!


And, the pool will be open in just a few weeks!  Pool party! Who’s coming?!

Now it is time to celebrate!


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself….Just Be You…