Mixed Emotions

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am filled with mixed emotions. Each year, I focus on the beautiful celebration of my three children. I am over the moon excited about the young adults they are becoming. They are beaming with confidence and are blessed with so many gifts. They fill my days with joy and laughter… I can’t imagine a better gift!  Yet, while my heart is filled with love, as this special day approaches, there is a small dark cloud that always lingers, leaving my emotions a bit unsettled… Continue reading “Mixed Emotions”

Sweet 16

Today is my oldest son’s 16th Birthday!  If only we could slow down the clock!  It seems like it was just yesterday that I brought home this 10 lbs, 23 inch long bundle, without a clue about being a Mom.  Now he is a young man, filled with music, sarcasm and a joy for life!  In two short years, he will be heading off to college and I have to trust that I have taught him the skills needed to be a successful and compassionate adult.  If only I could press life’s pause button…just slow time down for just a moment.  Yet, the hands keep turning and the clock keeps ticking.  Don’t wait for the perfect day….embrace life. Make each day perfect and don’t take for granted even one moment…

img_9127.jpgEven when I spend the whole day with you,

I miss you the second you leave.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



Chick Update

​We are happy to announce that Mama Skunk, our 1 year old mottled cochin bantam hen, is the proud Mama to 12 chicks. (Mama and chicks are all doing well!)  After looking at the photos and video, you might be wondering why all of the chicks look so different.  Well…Mama Skunk likes to “borrow” eggs from the other nesting boxes and lead us to believe they are her own.  She is an expert at carrying eggs under her wings.  Although Skunk thinks she has us fooled, we are much wiser than that. Continue reading “Chick Update”

Learn to Ride the Waves…

A few weeks ago, I focused on what to do when life gives you lemons. Most of the time, I choose to make lemonade. But, what about those times when you can’t make lemonade and you don’t have the answers to solve the problem? Then what? These have been my questions over the past week. Yesterday, it came to me.   I was looking through photos, from our anniversary trip to the Big Island last October. There it was… My answer was picture perfect… Continue reading “Learn to Ride the Waves…”

Spread Kindness

A weekend filled with kindness…

My Perspective…

Last Fall, Wifey and I spent the weekend in Indianapolis.  Keep in mind, we love to travel, but finding healthy and fresh meal options can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, we discovered a wonderful little farm to table restaurant, called Napolese Pizzeria. It was bustling and quaint, all at the same time. Continue reading “Spread Kindness”

Weekly Kindness Challenge!

I can’t think of a better way to kick off this week than with a kindness challenge. Who wouldn’t be up for sprinkling a little JOY here and there! For me, it is the little things in life that mean the most.  There is nothing more heart warming than discovering an unexpected card or a letter in the mailbox!  I am filled with joy when I send a friend a special gift, knowing how much they will appreciate it. Rise by lifting others… Continue reading “Weekly Kindness Challenge!”