Fiesta Salsa

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, I thought I would share my most favorite fresh salsa recipe!  It is amazingly yummy, easy to make and packed full of healthy goodness.  I can’t think of a better go to snack!  This tends to be a staple during the summer, for I have the majority of the ingredients growing fresh, right in the garden.  Just another reason for you to find that small area of land, purchase some seeds and get planting! Remember, if you don’t have the space for a garden, many tomato and pepper varieties grow beautifully in containers!  Happy salsa time!

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Basil & Nasturtium Pesto

Spring is in the air and seedlings are sprouting!  This means, that before long, I will be enjoying an array of fresh herbs from our herb garden.  The thyme and lavender are just waking up from their winter’s rest.  Cilantro seeds have sprouted in the hoop house and soon will be a wonderful addition to freshly made salsa.  Flowers are calling and I am anxiously waiting to plant my borage seeds, saved from last year!  (Borage is a beautiful gift for the bees!)  What could top all of this?   Two words… basil and nasturtium.  Why, you might ask?  One word…PESTO! Continue reading “Basil & Nasturtium Pesto”

Fruit Tree Blossom Tour

There is nothing more exciting than rows of fruit trees, loaded with beautiful blossoms, in the Spring.  Yesterday, Wifey and I took our daily walk about, through the gardens, to see what was in bloom.  This always takes much more time than necessary, due to the amount of photographs I must take!  I never tire of fruit tree blossoms.  I hope you enjoy this little blossom tour, from our gardens…

“Life without Love is like a Tree without Blossoms or Fruit”

~Khalil Gibra

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For the Love of Brussels Sprouts 

I have come to the realization, when I look back on my childhood, why I despised vegetables. Every meal was a collection of three things: red meat, mushy vegetables, and buttered bread.  Eating in general was a challenge for me.  I was one of those kids that had an aversion to texture. If my food had a funky feeling in my mouth, it wasn’t going down.  The hacking, coughing and gagging frustrated my mother to no end. Granted, my dog Tiffany loved that I hated vegetables. She sat at my feet, patiently waiting for the mushy veggies to be delivered from my crinkled napkin. She was the healthiest dog on the block! Continue reading “For the Love of Brussels Sprouts “

The Exquisite Eggshell

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you have come to the realization that I have a slight passion for chickens and ducks. The term addiction seems a bit strong, so let’s go with slight passion instead! Keep in mind, I love everything about my feathered friends, including the fact that they serve an amazing purpose…eggs! Eggs are not only a great source of protein, but they’re full of vitamins and minerals. What’s even better…they taste amazing! Once you have tried a farm fresh egg, you will never go back!


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The Time Has Come…

April is one of my favorite months of the year. It is finally time for tiny green leaves to emerge throughout the forest, displaying a beautiful green hue abound.   Early spring flowers push their way up through the soil and the smell of lilacs will soon be carried by the spring winds.  April is a time of change… a time for new beginnings.  A positive wave of emotion fills my soul and I feel connected to the Earth once again. After months of stillness,  life begins to flourish!   Spring is a true reminder of how beautiful change can truly be… Continue reading “The Time Has Come…”

Help From a Hoop House

When the month of March arrives, I start to bubble up inside. Spring! Granted, here in Michigan, the month of March can equal snow, rain, hail and/or 60° weather. One never knows what to expect! Needless to say, this month of awakening always makes me feel like I have survived another winter and am able to relish, once again, in the beauty of spring.

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A Gallery of Green

Weekly Photo Challenge

It IS Easy Being Green!

Hawaii October 2016 109
Big Island Foliage

Garden Tomatillos

Hawaii October 2016 134
Let’s Camouflage!

UP trip July 2013 192
Bloom Where You Are Planted!

Love Life


Spring Miracles

Band and kid pictures Fall 2015 201
All Beautiful Things Take Time

Enjoy this lovely Spring day and everything it has to offer!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…