Chicks and Ducks and Fox, Oh My!

I am passionate about every aspect of Mother Nature.  I feel most alive when I am outside, feeling the cool grass under my bare feet.   I completely understand the complexity of the circle of life, as well as the necessity of a food chain… until it involves our girls. We have a new visitor on the farm and he was NOT invited. Mr. Fox has decide to dine here at Indigo Acres and although he is stunningly beautiful, I am having a difficult time respecting and loving this sly creature. Continue reading “Chicks and Ducks and Fox, Oh My!”

Chick Update

​We are happy to announce that Mama Skunk, our 1 year old mottled cochin bantam hen, is the proud Mama to 12 chicks. (Mama and chicks are all doing well!)  After looking at the photos and video, you might be wondering why all of the chicks look so different.  Well…Mama Skunk likes to “borrow” eggs from the other nesting boxes and lead us to believe they are her own.  She is an expert at carrying eggs under her wings.  Although Skunk thinks she has us fooled, we are much wiser than that. Continue reading “Chick Update”

Our Gentle Giant…

It will be three years this October since we purchased our farm bear. She is a black bear, weighing over 120 pounds. I remember that beautiful fall day so clearly… my intent was to purchase an adorable puppy.  But instead, I came home with what appeared to be an adorable black bear cub. Yet, because of this one very special creature, our farm would never be the same…

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Fruit Tree Blossom Tour

There is nothing more exciting than rows of fruit trees, loaded with beautiful blossoms, in the Spring.  Yesterday, Wifey and I took our daily walk about, through the gardens, to see what was in bloom.  This always takes much more time than necessary, due to the amount of photographs I must take!  I never tire of fruit tree blossoms.  I hope you enjoy this little blossom tour, from our gardens…

“Life without Love is like a Tree without Blossoms or Fruit”

~Khalil Gibra

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For the Love of Brussels Sprouts 

I have come to the realization, when I look back on my childhood, why I despised vegetables. Every meal was a collection of three things: red meat, mushy vegetables, and buttered bread.  Eating in general was a challenge for me.  I was one of those kids that had an aversion to texture. If my food had a funky feeling in my mouth, it wasn’t going down.  The hacking, coughing and gagging frustrated my mother to no end. Granted, my dog Tiffany loved that I hated vegetables. She sat at my feet, patiently waiting for the mushy veggies to be delivered from my crinkled napkin. She was the healthiest dog on the block! Continue reading “For the Love of Brussels Sprouts “

New Beginnings…

Spring is probably my most favorite time of year. There are new beginnings everywhere. Nature has stretched its arms, waking from a long winter’s nap and ready to show its beauty once again. I find that there’s that one magical day…  That day when I look outside and see the green hue across the sky. When that day arrives, I know I have truly survived another winter. But, there is one thing even more exciting than that beautiful green hue… baby animals! Continue reading “New Beginnings…”

The Exquisite Eggshell

If you have been reading my blog for a while now, you have come to the realization that I have a slight passion for chickens and ducks. The term addiction seems a bit strong, so let’s go with slight passion instead! Keep in mind, I love everything about my feathered friends, including the fact that they serve an amazing purpose…eggs! Eggs are not only a great source of protein, but they’re full of vitamins and minerals. What’s even better…they taste amazing! Once you have tried a farm fresh egg, you will never go back!


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Indigo Acres: A Dream Come True

I have always had a passion for animals. I remember when I was a little girl, I would bring my dog Tiffany into my bedroom (even though I wasn’t suppose to) and close the door. I would tell her my most precious secrets. She would never tell a soul and would listen for hours. She loved me for me and never expected me to be anyone else. Tiffany was always happy to see me, regardless of my mood or how I looked. When I think back on my closest friends throughout school, Tiffany, my little black cock-a-poo, was at the top of my list.

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