Fruit and Curry Chicken Salad

DailyPost Prompt – Snack

When I contemplate summer meals, this recipe has been a favorite for years!  I rarely follow a recipe, so if it actually ends up written down on paper, I know it is here to stay for all of eternity!  The Fruit and Curry Chicken Salad is a light, refreshing meal or snack filled with flavor!  And, as long as your chicken is already cooked, you don’t even have to turn on the oven! Now that is a summer bonus! Continue reading “Fruit and Curry Chicken Salad”

Meet the Ladies

​As many of you know, I have a bit of a chicken collection…ok, addiction!  With over 80 layers on the farm, it is not difficult to fall in love with these sweet and friendly creatures. I thought I would introduce you to a few of our favorites…

Meet “Big White”.  She is a light Brahma and truly a gentle giant, with feathered legs and feet.

Continue reading “Meet the Ladies”

Weekend Adventures

What a beautiful and productive weekend at Indigo Acres!  After I cross off items on our “Adventure List” (aka, To-Do-List), it is always so nice to step back and take in everything that was accomplished.  What a wonderful feeling the sense of accomplishment brings!   And, that crazy productivity seems to continue to follow me yet today!  Before noon, I completed barn chores, groomed Ophe, (the 130lb Newfie and trimmed the hooves of four goats.  What does this really mean?  I wrestled with five 100lb+ beasts and WON! Continue reading “Weekend Adventures”

“Focus” on Living

Focus – Weekly Photo Challenge

A few days ago, we lost all six newly hatched chicks…so we thought.  We were unsure what critter entered the barn, climbed over the horse stall door and into the brooding area, during the middle of the day.  We found the remains of only 5 chicks, so we assumed our Ms. Dot had been completely consumed or carried off.  Saddened, we buried the chicks and continued to be puzzled by the entire event. Continue reading ““Focus” on Living”

Hay, Goats and ABBA, Oh My! Part II

Sunday was the big day!  It was time to tackle 270 bales of hay, as quickly as possible, before we melted from the heat!  We were already feeling “sticky” just walking out to the barn!  With water bottles in hand, we had a plan and we were ready to have some fun…at least this Mom was!  Just a few posts ago, I shared with you how much a little ABBA can help with those not-so-enjoyable tasks.  So, why not add a little ABBA to “Hay Day”!  I have to admit, I enjoy torturing my children with a little blast from the past! Continue reading “Hay, Goats and ABBA, Oh My! Part II”