Four Things You Can Do When You Don’t Feel Good Enough or Successful Enough

Once again, Shelly has eloquently written about a topic that I have struggled with my entire life…the feeling of being enough. Am I enough for my family and friends? Was I enough for my parents? Do I work hard enough to allow myself some “me time”? Am I talented enough to share my art and photography, without embarrassing myself?

These are all questions that have, at one time or another, weighed heavily on my soul.
Over the past 10 years, I have worked diligently to love myself and be true to myself. Starting my blog, in March of this year, allowed me to take a huge step forward in celebrating Me and My journey. Do these questions still knock on my door? Definitely! But, I have a toolbox, filled with strength, self-confidence and love, to battle these inner demons.

I thank Shelly, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing her gifts! Her blog has been a safe guide and beautiful/gentle reminder for me many times. For that, I feel blessed and thankful!
I hope you enjoy Shelly’s gifts as much as I do…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…

Love is Stronger

Sometimes We Feel Like We Are Not Good Enough

Comparison. Dejection. Depression. We have all been there before. We look at other people’s lives— their accomplishments, their relationships, their success–and we feel less than. We feel like we are not successful enough. We feel like we are not good enough. This feeling of not being good enough is a very common feeling, and it is a very painful feeling. It is made worse by the fact that society is often filled with toxic competition and comparison. In schools, in the media, even sometimes through distorted religious teachings, we are often taught to compare ourselves or with some standard of perfection and to feel shame and even self-loathing if we are not achieving the same kind of success.

While this feeling is common, we do not have to dwell in it, and we can even learn how to head such feelings…

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A Message from a Dragonfly…

For the past few weeks, I have found myself wandering down to the banks of our natural pond. I could sit there for hours, this time of year.  The mosquitoes have departed, with the humidity, leaving nothing but a cool breeze, crisp air and the magical aroma of Autumn.

10-22-17 027.JPG

This past weekend was probably our last 70 degree day, for the season, here in Michigan.  I wanted to spend as much time outside as possible.  There was so much to still do to prepare the farm and gardens for Winter, but those things could wait for just a few more days.  The warmth and sunshine would depart all too soon.

As I was sitting at the pond’s edge, observing frogs hopping in and out of the water, turtle heads popping up here and there, and snails sunbathing, on freshly fallen leaves, I noticed an energy at my feet.  Dragonflies!  I have been chasing dragonflies for the past month, unable to capture a great shot of these speedy little fairies.  Yet, at the edge of the pond were numerous dragonflies enjoying their courtship flight.  Unfortunately, I only had my general lens with me, so I did the best I could.


I almost felt like I should not be watching!  I decided very quickly that these amazing acrobats must be a part of Cirque de Soleil, for their tandem linkage was most impressive!

10-21-17 034.JPG

I so badly wanted to go back to the house for my other lens, but I was mesmerized and intrigued by these beautiful creatures and their mating rituals. How could I go from hunting dragon flies daily, with no luck, to a dozen of them at my feet?


As I sat on the bank of our pond, I began to contemplate the Dragonfly’s message as a spirit animal: to awaken passion, to renew magic and mystery, to recharge physical energy and to embrace a transformation.  Then, I thought of my dear friend Julia and the simple gift she gave to me, during one of our conversations…the magical word “Flourish”.  And once again, she was exactly right.

Although I have had a few bumps in the road this year, my life has truly started to flourish.  Three years ago, I closed the door to my career of 20+ years in education.  I now had a clean slate.  I had time to follow my passions and make my dreams come true…I had time to GROW.  I have felt an awakening over the past few months.  An energy that fills me with excitement.  I remind myself not to look back and never look too far forward…just live in the now.

At that very moment, as these beautiful thoughts floated inside my head, I glanced down to the water’s edge…10-21-17 050

There, on the water’s surface, was the most stunning dragonfly and in the perfect range for my camera’s lens…

I learned so much that day, by the pond’s edge.  Remember to live in the moment…witness the tiny miracles…and trust in your journey.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…