The Worst Beauty Advice: A.K.A. My Undercover Work in the Secret Beauty Society — Love is Stronger

My incredibly talented and beautiful friend Shelly has, once again, written an amazing and powerful post that ALL should read!  As I always say…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Marilyn Monroe

I have recently obtained top-secret evidence suggesting that there is a Secret Beauty Society trying to control us, especially women, and make us perpetually miserable and afraid. Motivated by justice and a desire to liberate the masses, I recently went undercover and was able to infiltrate the inner sanctum of this Secret Beauty Society, obtaining […]

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Positive Vibes

2017 was a bit of a bumpy year, from a health perspective. Because of this, my workout routine became almost nonexistent.  Keep in mind, I love to exercise! Daily walks, yoga, and weights are all a natural part of my everyday life.   Add meditation and healthy eating to this regiment, and I am one happy girl!  I so appreciate the hard work and health benefits, of a healthy lifestyle, especially when I witness the results.


The scale has never been my friend!  It is an evil little machine that should be used for measuring the weight of anything but humans.  I am 5’10…I have been 5’10 since 9th grade.  Rather than using the phrase “tall girl”, my mom consistently referred to me as a “big girl”.  I have never considered myself BIG by any means; I am TALL, with an athletic build.  It is amazing how a simple word can have such a negative impact on life.

I spent my first 30 years of existence comparing myself to others.  I also lived those years in turmoil over the number on the scale.  Regardless if I ran 5 miles or 10 miles, I was always comparing.  If only I would have focused my energies on embracing my own gifts…


On 11-11-11 I turned 40!  40 was liberating for me.  I spent my 30s figuring out ME.  I learned to love myself.  I learned to embrace the things I could not change.

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others.  Now, I choose to compare myself to ME and only ME.  It feels great to be able to workout again and give 110% to my health and wellness.  I might be 46 years old and have wrinkles, stretch marks and a few platinum hairs, but I love ME!  I will always strive to be the best version of myself.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Positive Vibes!

Self Care

Winter has always been a challenging time for me.  Over the last few snowman seasons, I have worked diligently to embrace the cold winds, the wall of snow and lack of GREEN.  I have dedicated this season as a time for rest, emotionally and physically.  I am proud of myself, for this year I have been especially successful embracing the gifts of these frigid months.  Mother Nature has blessed us with a sunny Winter, which has helped break up the “snow globe” type days that have left me feeling a bit trapped, in the past.

January challenged my positive thinking about Winter, for it was an extra difficult month emotionally.  Saying “good-night” to my special friend, Velvet, was one of the most difficult moments of my life.  There is a void in my heart and an emptiness in the barn that has made an already challenging season extra troublesome.

For the past week, I have felt pulled to escape, for just a few days.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my life!  But, I feel a bit tired and I am so ready for Spring to spread her wings!   I have friends that live in amazing places, all over the globe, yet I never grant myself permission to take a few days, for myself, to recharge.  When I allow myself to dream about these adventures, the Mommy guilt, farm guilt, Wifey guilt (all the guilt) sets in.    Ironically, the only person that makes me feel guilty is ME.  Wifey is always extremely encouraging and is truly my rock.  The kids are kind and loving, wanting me to always follow my heart.  The critters…well, let’s be honest, as long as they are fed, they are happy.  So who is my roadblock?  ME!

Two days ago, I decided to take a risk.  I decided to put myself first.  I went online and booked a round trip airline ticket for ME.  I am going to visit a very special soul that has filled a void in my life, that I never thought would/could be filled.  I am so very thankful and extremely excited!  Two weeks from today, I will get to say “thank you” to this person, in person!  I can hardly wait!  So, be warned…you never know when I might show up at your front door!

Take the time for self-care…  You will be a stronger and healthier person for it!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…