My Journey Through Art

I love paint!  I have always loved paint!  Growing up, if Dad had a painting project, I was his girl.  By the end of the day, Dad’s task would always be finished with pride.  But, I was consistently left covered, from head to toe, in a rainbow of colors and probably wasted more paint than Dad would have liked.  To this day, I end up having as much paint on me as I do on the canvas.  Everything I do, I do with love and passion! Continue reading “My Journey Through Art”

Let it Flow…

As I sit at the keyboard, my hands instantly become tense. My creative flow comes to a complete halt. All of a sudden, I feel pressure. My fingers, unable to keep up with the pace of my thinking, are tangled with the images dancing within my head. At this moment, I find myself sitting at the keyboard, blank… fingers frozen, when just moments ago, thoughts flurried in my head. No matter how many times I try, this method of writing is maddening. Continue reading “Let it Flow…”

Unlock and Unleash

When I think back on my childhood, some of my most vibrant memories are from the moments I would sit in my tiny bedroom, with grandma’s rickety card table, creating critters out of TicTac containers, cotton balls, and pipe cleaners. I would spend hours drawing, painting, and creating with things I would find from the kitchen junk drawer and especially from nature. I loved art, for there was never a wrong answer. Continue reading “Unlock and Unleash”