Be Still

Over the past week, I have noticed many struggling with the emotions of life.  It is during difficult times that I remind myself of the lotus flower.  This was one of the first “Be Still” posts I wrote, on Growing Self.  I hope it is a positive reminder for those experiencing difficulty…

We have so much to learn from the lotus flower…

This flowering plant grows from the bottom of steams and murky ponds.  When ready, it rises above the water and blooms, sharing its beauty for all the world to see.  When darkness blankets the Earth, the Lotus closes its petals and descends back into the depths of the water, only to resurface the next day.  This blooming miracle is fully grounded in the muddy earth, yet reaches for the heavens, daily. 


How amazing is it that this stunning flower resides in such muddy waters, yet remains unsoiled…

Regardless of your life’s struggles, remember the lesson of the Lotus flower.

Live in Full Bloom! 

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Be Still

10-21-17 059

Like the seeds released from the milkweed pod, you were born to soar.  Ask yourself, are you merely existing or are you soaring?

Soaring does not mean you are free from burdens. There are times you will flourish and times you will falter, as you embrace your true meaning and purpose in life.  As long as you continue to LIVE and GROW, during these times, you will SOAR!

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Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be Your…