Be Still

There is something magical and unique about the sweet autumn clematis…

9-13-17 006

When autumn hues are taking the place of bright green foliage, the peaceful, sweet autumn clematis gracefully trails on, covering everything in her path. She has a silent strength about her, standing out, even when surrounded by Autumn’s beauty.9-13-17 005

Although she appears to not belong, she blankets others already turning in for the season, as if to say, “Let me tuck you in…”


The sweet autumn beauty waits patiently and blooms in her own time, far beyond her surrounding friends.


She stretches her arms and gently embraces everyone in her path…


Today, take a moment to Be Still.  Let the sweet autumn clematis remind you that nothing blooms all year or at the same time. Bloom in your own time, in your own way…

Water your roots and allow your soul to gently blossom…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



Be Still

As much as I try to live in the moment, I can often slip into a place where my days are spent racing from task to task.  During this time, I find myself seeming a bit robotic.  The more I allow myself to stay in this unhealthy pace, the more my heart yearns for JOY…for ME TIME.

  • I want to take a walk
  • I want to read a book
  • I want to create

During this robotic time, there is a voice inside my head that always says, “Once you complete A, B, and C you can allow yourself some ME TIME.”  I really dislike that voice!  As you probably know, A, B and C are never done!  Life is never done.  A, B and C will never be completed because D, E, and F pop out of nowhere and bite you in the bottom!

At this point, you are probably shaking your head yes, in complete agreement!  You know the voice of which I speak and you know about the notorious D, E and F.   When they show up on the scene, A, B and C are lucky to even happen!  When will we learn that life is never done?

9-3-17 herbs and critters 048

Today, Be Still…  Make it a priority to set aside a little ME TIME each day.  You deserve it!  For the next week, put your ME TIME goal at the top of your daily adventure list, rather than at the bottom.  Grant yourself this beautiful gift of time and embrace gratitude for these priceless moments.  I feel JOY bubbling up inside me, just contemplating what my ME TIME will look like!  I can guarantee that A, B and C will look a whole lot more manageable, once you have embraced  your daily ME TIME.  More importantly, D, E and F will not make you feel like your world is crumbling when they arrive on the scene, uninvited!

Make yourself a priority!  Remember, this is not a selfish act.  You are taking time to enjoy your own company, which in turn will feed your soul…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Embrace Me Time




Be Still

Light is what wakes us up in the morning…  We live by Mother Earth’s sunny rays.  Many of our daily decisions are made, based on the day’s light. I make these decisions each time I plant a seed, flower or tree.  Yet, there is one light that is even more important…the light within…

September 2 - flowers 037

We all have an astonishing beacon of light within us, forcing all darkness away.  Always remember, even on the darkest days, you are in charge of the energy and light you release to the world.September 2 - flowers 041

Today, Be Still... Take a few moments to make a connection with your Inner Self.  Focus on your passion within and the love you share. Ask yourself the question, ” How brightly does my light shine?”

September 2 - flowers 032

Today, surround yourself with those that love your ray of light and help you to shine more brightly. Be that beautiful beacon of light in someone’s darkness…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You


September 2 - flowers 040

Be Still…

I adore the changing of the seasons.  Each year, the trees grow with more majestic beauty, beckoning to dance in the wind and reach for the sky.   The golden fields glow more brightly, spreading their colors and welcoming new creatures great and small.  These changes are amazing, not because of their perfection as creatures of Mother Nature, but because of their GROWTH.

8-26-17 063

Take a lesson from Mother Nature…  As the winds of change blow inside you, leaving you feeling empty or lost, know that your soul is simply preparing for a new season.  Be Still and embrace the change.  Trust in the wind and your journey…

fall 8-26-17 003

Autumn is the most beautiful time to release and let go of that which no longer serves you.  Put those thoughts to rest and release them into the wind.  As you transition to a new season, trust that everything you need will remain true and the rest will fall away.

fall 8-26-17 014

Welcome change and the magical beauty it will deliver…

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



Be Still

When I consider this adventure called life, I quickly come to the realization that it will be the longest, most beautiful and most challenging journey I will ever embark upon.  There will be open meadows, filled with wildflowers, laughter and love.  It is during those moments that I will dance in the sunlight and give thanks for life’s blessings.


There will also be rough terrain, showered with tears that, at times, appear impassable. Yet, these moments will teach me so many valuable lessons and allow my soul to grow and flourish.


Regardless of life’s trail, know you are never alone!  You might not know your direction, but you  can always choose who you have beside you.  Surround yourself with individuals that you can GROW with, for these beautiful souls will feed you and make you feel alive.


Today, Be Still.  Reach out to those special souls that walk beside you at times, holding your hand and at other moments carry you, when you are unable to stand alone.  Take a moment to thank them for being such a beautiful part of your journey.  Celebrate this exploration of love and friendship, for it is a beautiful and unique gift.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You