The Playlist Shuffle

I am passionate about music!  I as mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have a playlist for everything.  Rarely do I just hit “shuffle”.  The thought almost makes me panic!  What if I am listening to my “Angry Music” one minute and then something from my “Be Still” playlist comes on next…followed by Showtunes?  Help!!!  Too much!  My emotions can’t handle this musical rollercoaster!  But, when Nel from posted this, I knew I wanted to participate!   I thought it would be good for me to take a risk and “shuffle” my music…  Here goes nothing!


The Rules

  • Put your music on shuffle and list the first 15 songs to play (no cheating).

Let’s Do The Roda Shuffle!



Chris Pureka – Afterall


Joshua Radin – Still Spinning


Matt Nathanson – Come on Get Higher


Brandi Carlile – The Things I Regret


Indigo Girls – Ozilline


Dar Williams – The Christians and the Pagans


Melissa Ferrick – Home


Serena Ryder – Stompa


Wicked – Defying Gravity


Patty Griffin – When It Don’t Come Easy


Rachel Platten – Better Place


Chastity Brown – Drive Slow


Culture Club – Karma Chameleon


Coldplay – Yellow


There you have it!  A little Roda Shuffle!  These 15 songs say so much about my life… Funny how one song can bring so many memories and emotions flooding back.  Thanks Nel!  This was so much fun!

If you love music, feel free to enjoy this “Shuffle” Tag!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You



Blue Sky Tag

The Blue Sky Tag looked like fun, so here goes!

Thank you Jen from  for tagging me!  Jen is quite the traveler, so this tag is perfect coming from her!  Head on over and check out her blog.  It is a beauty!!


• Thank the person who nominated you, and link back to their blog

• Answer their questions

• Tag 11 other bloggers (or as few/ many as you fancy)

• Write 11 questions for them

• Let them know you’ve nominated them


  1. What would you do when you have to wait at an airport for over 5 hours? I love airports!  I usually pick up a few snacks and enjoy some quiet time.  There are no chickens, ducks, goats, or horses to chase at the airport!  
  2. Which one do you prefer when traveling: city, beach or mountain? This is tricky!  I love to hike, so I would have to say the mountains.  But, there is nothing like a beautiful beach and some salty air.  I will pass on the city, unless it is London!!img_7918
  3. Bus or taxi? Neither! Wifey likes to drive.
  4. Red wine or white? Red Wine 
  5. B&B or hotel? Hotel
  6. Top 3 destinations on your bucket list? Monet’s Gardens, Scotland, back to London!
  7. Any tips for travel solo? No traveling solo for meimg_9154
  8. If you could pick a destination in Asia to travel, what will that be? Singapore
  9. Where’s the next destination you’re off to? Nothing is on the books yet.  There are some ideas floating around for our 2018 family vacation, but nothing has been decided.
  10. Do you love cruise ships? Why? I have to say, I was not a fan of the cruise ship.  Too many people for me.  Not enough to do.  I don’t sit well!
  11. How do you deal with jet lag? I can sleep anywhere, anytime.  Plus, I have never required much sleep.  Jet lag has never been a problem for me.

 My Questions:

*I am going to keep some of Jen’s questions and add a few of my own!

  1. What would you do when you have to wait at an airport for over 5 hours?
  2. Which one do you prefer when traveling: city, beach or mountain?
  3. Which one of your WordPress followers would you enjoy as a travel companion?
  4. Red wine or white?
  5. Plane? Train? or Automobile?
  6. Top 3 destinations on your bucket list?
  7. Hotel, B&B or tent?
  8. Where would you like to travel in Europe?
  9. Where is the next destination you’re off to?
  10. Do you love cruise ships? Why?
  11. How do you deal with jet lag?

My nominees:  Go for it!  If you think this tag sounds like fun, feel free to take part!

Happy Travels!

 Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…