Weaving a Legacy of Light

After two years in the making, this gorgeous 44-card oracle deck, bursting with positive energy, love and light is available for purchase.  I feel honored to be one of 30+ female artists and healers, from around the world, that came together to create this beautiful deck.

44-card deck and message booklet

There is no right or wrong way to use this deck.  Trust your intuition.  I like to think of the deck as a way to unlock what I already know.  There are times we all need guidance, love and support…  This deck shares beautiful messages and soul-inspired art, always reminding you to just Be You!

Art by Roda
Art by Roda

Interested in purchasing a deck for yourself or someone special?  Contact me thought my “Get in Touch” page or email me at growing.self@yahoo.com.  I have special pricing for the remainder of July, to celebrate the release of this beautiful collaboration.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



Make today Magical!

http://www.LightWeaverOracle.com website coming soon

My Artistic Journey

I love paint! I have always loved paint! Growing up, if Dad had a painting project, I was his girl. By the end of the day, Dad’s task would always be finished with pride. But, I was consistently left covered, from head to toe, in a rainbow of colors and probably wasted more paint than Dad would have liked. To this day, I end up having as much paint on me as I do on the canvas. Everything I do, I do with love and passion!


I have always been a creative person. Growing up, art and music were my go to therapists, along with my dog, Tiffany. When I look back over the years, I have come to the realization that I turned to art during life’s most difficult times. After my father passed 11 years ago to cancer, I was pulled to paint once again. I released layer upon layer of emotion on canvas, which was extremely therapeutic.  I would just let go of my emotions and let the paint tell the story.

To this day, painting is a form of meditation for me.  I am able to clear my thinking and just feel, allowing the paint to create what it will. It is truly a magical experience!

I’m not an artist like not Van Gogh or Monet and that is ok. I am my own artist, with my own style. That is the wonderful thing about art…there is no right or wrong, just different!


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…

Visit Artistically Roda for a closer look!

Mark Your Calendars!

I decided to take over my Little Bro’s blog, This Is My Turth Now  for a few weeks, while he is on vacation! While the cat is away, the mice will play! Check out today’s post! You won’t want to miss the very special Blog Tour, coming up June 4th – 8th, for Jay’s new book, Father Figure♥Roda

This Is My Truth Now

It is difficult to believe that the month of May is coming to an end.  The snow just melted, here in West Michigan…  How can it be almost June?  Well, June will not only usher in beautiful weather, but a very special blog tour for Jay’s latest novel, Father Figure, hosted by Reads & Reels Book Tours, June 4th – 8th

Father Figure Blog Tour: June 4th – June 8th


Between the fast-paced New York City, a rural Mississippi town and a charming Pennsylvania college campus filled with secrets, two young girls learn the consequences of growing up too quickly.

Amalia Graeme, abused by her mother for most of her life, longs to escape her desolate hometown and fall in love. Contemplating her loss of innocence and conflicting feelings between her boyfriend and the dangerous attraction she’s developed for an older man, Amalia faces life-altering tragedies.

Brianna Porter…

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