Dare to BEE Different…

Life at Indigo Acres has been extremely busy.  Our last few weeks have been spent tending to the gardens and storing 400+ bales of hay, in the hay barn.  We need approximately 450 bales of hay, each year, for the animals.  At least the heat and humidity have calmed down a bit, making the task of stacking hay a bit more manageable!  We did take a few hours to hang out with the bees and check in on Thelma II, Louise and the ladies…

A working bee tending to drone (male) brood.  Drone cells look like Kix cereal, which makes them easy to recognize.
“Hey…what do you think of our new Queen, Thelma II?  I think she is doing a fabulous job!  Did you see all of those eggs?!”
A baby bee in the pupa stage.  Although there is no pigmentation at this point, the eyes are beginning to form.

Overall, Thelma II is doing a fabulous job!  Her frames were filled with eggs.  It was nice to see so much activity in the hive, now that Thelma II has settled in.  Although Thelma I is no longer with us, her daughters are being much more efficient with their new Queen.  Our hope is that enough bees with hatch and store a full supply of honey, to sustain the hive, through our long Michigan Winter.

Dare to BEE Different!

We are already looking ahead to Spring 2019, when we will add two more colonies to our apiary.  We have decided to call our two new Queens, Laverne and Shirley.  How exciting!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just BEE You!




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