My Artistic Journey

I love paint! I have always loved paint! Growing up, if Dad had a painting project, I was his girl. By the end of the day, Dad’s task would always be finished with pride. But, I was consistently left covered, from head to toe, in a rainbow of colors and probably wasted more paint than Dad would have liked. To this day, I end up having as much paint on me as I do on the canvas. Everything I do, I do with love and passion!


I have always been a creative person. Growing up, art and music were my go to therapists, along with my dog, Tiffany. When I look back over the years, I have come to the realization that I turned to art during life’s most difficult times. After my father passed 11 years ago to cancer, I was pulled to paint once again. I released layer upon layer of emotion on canvas, which was extremely therapeutic.Β  I would just let go of my emotions and let the paint tell the story.

To this day, painting is a form of meditation for me.Β  I am able to clear my thinking and just feel, allowing the paint to create what it will. It is truly a magical experience!

I’m not an artist like not Van Gogh or Monet and that is ok. I am my own artist, with my own style. That is the wonderful thing about art…there is no right or wrong, just different!


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…

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