It’s a Girl!

What is it about babies?  I love babies!  Human babies…critter babies…they are all completely adorable!  Baby bees are new to my list of cuteness.  I must admit, they are at the very top!  This little sweetie welcomed me to the hive, during inspection today.


Baby Worker Bee 

Now keep in mind, the female worker bee constitutes the majority of the colony’s population.  Worker bees do most of the chores for the hive, except for the laying of the eggs which is done by the Queen. These lovely ladies live only 6 weeks during the colony’s busy season.  However, during the winter months, worker bees live up to 4-8 months.  As the worker bee ages, she loses her fuzzy hairs and becomes darker in color.


Now over 21 days old, these worker bees become field bees. Their main job is to collect pollen and nectar, to sustain the colony.

In this photo, you can see worker bees tending to the brood.  The closed yellow cells hold the hive’s future worker bees.  The open cells are where the baby bees have already chewed their way out. The queen will lay a new egg in the open cells, and the amazing  process will begin, once again.


The open cells, in the photo below, are filled with pollen.  The closed cells, that look like Kix cereal, in the upper right hand corner, are capped drone brood.  The drone bees are the only male bees in the colony.  They make up an extremely small percentage of the hive’s total population. They have one job and one job only…to fertilize the queen bee.  Because of this, the ladies tolerate the drone’s presence.  Once mating season comes to a close, the drone bees are tossed out the front door, by the worker bees! Life is tough for a drone.

It was another exciting hive inspection day.  Queen Thelma and Louise both said hello today, too.  It was nice to see them and their freshly laid eggs.  Until next week!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Jut Be You….



18 thoughts on “It’s a Girl!

  1. Never seen a bee in that light! They are so cute. I think the thing the babies, any, have in common are big eyes. Those eyes are cute. Almost forgot I was looking at a bee. Thanks for the education!!

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    1. I find that most insects have a beauty to them, when one experiences them up close and personal. I had a whole different emotion towards spiders, once I started viewing them with my macro lens. Amazing critters!

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  2. I just read some facts about bees today if you can beelieve it! And it’s nice to know that you reaffirmed some of them, too. Yay! I love all your posts, Roda, but the bee ones hold a special place! ~Kelsey 💛🌼🐝

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