Roda’s Critter Connection: Elk

I had many encounters with elk, one of the largest members of the deer family, while hiking in the Rocky Mountains.  The elk spend their summers in the alpine tundra, which was my favorite location in the Rocky Mountains.


I so enjoyed observing and photographing these majestic creatures.  My family finally put limits on my elk photography!  I was told if it was not “special” we were not stopping!  Granted, to their defense, I took a ton of photos.  It is all about balance, once again.


This beauty was radio collared and seemed to enjoy posing for the camera.  Elk are the only tri-colored member in the deer family, with tan bodies, dark brown manes and a beige rump patch.


We both enjoyed the wildflowers, for different reasons!


I enjoyed observing this female elk (called a cow or doe). Considering I was sitting only 15 feet away from her, I think she enjoyed my company.

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18 thoughts on “Roda’s Critter Connection: Elk

  1. We had a herd that would come destroy my backyard at a previous house … despite that I loved seeing them. They look like a cross between a horse, a cow and deer. Wonderful, powerful creatures!

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  2. You do know that I have to give you hell for this one, right? The elk is the largest member of the deer family? Uh…no! That would be our Moose. I say “our” because we have a lot of them. *mutters…she forgot the moose…I can’t believe she overlooked the MOOSE* Ok, end of mutter…

    I feel sorry for the poor elk having to wear radio collars. I know it’s necessary but they really must think it’s a pretty poor excuse for a fashion accessory. Hey, at least it doesn’t make it look fat…as fat as a moose!! *ducks*

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    1. I believe I said “one of the largest”, considering their average weight can overlap. I love moose! I observed a cow and her calf for a long time. I kept my distance! This lady knows not to mess with a moose!

      The collars did make me sad, but on a positive note, she was the only collared one I saw during the trip.

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      1. Damn it!!! I hate it when you are right! I want you to know that I had a dream last night that we were on our way to camp and saw a moose so close I could touch it. Then a bear came out of the woods to hang out with the moose. It was then that I saw the bobcat ambling down the road. It was a very cool dream! I’m glad that sweet elk was the only one with the collar. It’s a real boon to science, though.

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