A Pile of Rocks & A Trip Home


Has it really been a week already? That’s just way too fast… at least the farm has been quiet the last few days. It took a lot of time to put it back together this morning after we moved everything around for the week.  We played ‘Hide the Hay’ with the horses, goats, sheep, and donkey. They weren’t happy, and unfortunately took it out on the Chicken House. Roda had only built it just last month, but it’s been knocked down. Shh… we’ll tell her there was a freak storm and it blew away. Or maybe Three Little Pigs huffed and puffed a lot. I know she wanted to get some pigs at some point… I bought her them as a gift, but just this morning, wouldn’t you know… they all ran away with some Wolf!


Any guess whether someone piled those rocks like that or it was natural evolution?


Let’s play a game… what words are about to come out of Roda’s mouth in that photo?

  1. “I’ve walked too much, my hips hurt.”
  2. “Take that, High Altitude.”
  3. “I’m gonna do the Macarena, wanna join?”
  4. “No, I will not go back to Michigan.” <<along with a heavy foot stomp.
  5. “I need to use the outdoor facilities, can you please turn the camera off?”


Wait… who snapped this photo?


Ah, some day, I’ll be back, she says…


Well, I’m glad I could join you for the week… it’s been fun sharing Roda’s excursions, family secrets and the TRUTH about what happens on the farm. I wonder if I’ll be punished…



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