What’s the Buzz: Week 3

I have to admit, I am like a kid in a candy store waiting each week to open the hives for inspection.  This week, I was feeling a bit nervous, after not locating Queen Thelma during last week’s inspection.  I only take so much time looking for her, for my goal is to have the hives open for less than 15 minutes each.  15 minutes is such a short amount of time, especially when I just want to sit and observe these amazing creatures for hours!

A worker bee tending to the young

After smoking the hive (to calm the bees), the frames are removed one by one for inspection.  I am always on the lookout for eggs.  If there are eggs present, the queen is not only alive, but doing her job successfully!  This makes me feel more relaxed, if the Queen decides to not make her presence known.  By this week, I was hoping to find more honey, capped honey and pollen towards the top 1/3 of the center frames.  Eggs, larvae and capped brood should be found on the remaining sections, of the center frames

As you can see in the photo, the white area, at the top of the frame is the capped honey.  The open areas toward the top are filled with honey.  The deep yellow filled cells are pollen.

What to Expect When Inspecting


The bottom 2/3 of each frame is where the eggs, larvae and capped brood (pupa) can be located. By the 5th week, it will be time for new bees to emerge from the capped cells.  They will chew their way through the cells and crawl out. I can hardly wait to witness this miracle!

Her royal highness, Queen Thelma! Queen Louise said “hello”, as well!

I was so excited to observe Queen Thelma!  That woman is non-stop action!  If you Follow “Growing Self” on Instagram, feel free to check out a video of Thelma from yesterday! I was not only excited to see the Queens, but see that the inner 5 frames were filled, in both hives!  The worker bees have started to draw out more of the foundation, in the remaining 5 frames. Both hives are thriving!

Worker Bees drawing out more of the foundation into honeycomb

By next week, if 7 of the 10 frames are filled, it will be time to add a second deep hive body, holding another 10 frames.  I can hardly wait!


“The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others.”

~Saint John Chrysostom

Do What You Love…Love What You Do!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…







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