Critter Connection: Midland Painted Turtle

I so enjoy wandering around our property with my camera.  Some days I discover many beautiful treasures, like this stunning midland painted turtle!


The midland painted turtle is a small to medium-sized turtle, ranging from 5-9 inches.  Its shell ranges from black to olive-green.  Their skin is usually black to light green, yet their forearms display vibrant red lines.  The head and neck have yellow lines running from the nose to the mouth, downward, turning red as the lines meet the neck.


This beauty can be found in most of the United States and southern Canada.  The midland painted turtles are extremely hardy and very tame.  This is a bonus, when photographing them!


Knowing the barn would not be a great place for this sweetie to lay her eggs, I relocated her back to the edge of the pond.  I am so hoping our paths cross again!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


10 thoughts on “Critter Connection: Midland Painted Turtle

  1. I have always loved turtles had them as pets as a kid and then our kids had some turtles. Funny thing is all the turtles were all named Myrtle lol. Great pics.

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