A Month of Blooms: Wisteria

I have a passion for vines!  This 15-year-old wisteria vine climbs up the side of our upper deck and covers the railing.  I prune new growth throughout the season and hard prune the entire vine, in the fall.  It is truly a beast and needs extreme support!


The Japanese wisteria (wisteria floribunda) is in the pea family and native to Japan.  This vine will grow 30-40+ feet.  It is extremely woody and blooms mid-spring.  This USDA plant is hardy in zones 5-9, living over 50 years!

A bonus critter!
A gift for the bees

Grab your camera and share your favorite blooms, for the month of June!

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38 thoughts on “A Month of Blooms: Wisteria

      1. Chickens love meal worms!!! I make a chicken treat mix of sunflower seeds, millet, dried mealworms, dried crickets, cracked corn, etc. They eat right out of my hands. Great for training or getting them where you want them to go. I have a yellow scoop that I put the treats in. If they see the yellow scoop cup, the entire flock comes running. When I call the flock, they come running now, assuming I have the yellow tree cup! You will feel like the Pied Piper!😂😂

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      2. As I am not actively involved with the chickens – I have nightmares they are miniature dinosaurs that will break out at night and learn to turn the handle on the back door …. Eeek!
        However, I shall pass on your suggestion to those at the helm of this exercise.

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      3. If I am invited by my crew, then maybe I shall.
        I tend not to get directly involved in some of their projects.
        But I will certainly suggest the tomatoes, which, like the meal worms, is an excellent idea and I’ll take the camera and do my National Geographic thing in my best Attenborough voice!
        How’s that?

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  1. I love your wisteria! I also go for the creeping vines but sadly, don’t have the room to support them in either of my yards (not that they would grow in AZ!). I will have to live vicariously through you, Roda 💚

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, this is the most enthusiastic vine she will ever meet! It will take down a small building over time! Meet your new life long vine friend!😂💚


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