Long Live the Queen

Yesterday was the big day!  It was time to open the new hives, for the first time. We were excited to observe how our buzzing friends have been using their time.

Preparing the smoker
The thick cool smoke makes colonies easier to work with, during inspection.
The main lid is removed. 
As you can see, the little queen cage is wedged between frame 3 and 4.  The queen candy is gone…the queen has been released!
The bees have already made a large amount of burr comb, due to the extra space left between each frame, from the queen cage. Although it is beautiful, it must be removed! This beeswax can be used for making candles! Bonus!
When examining the burr comb closely, you will find the queen’s first eggs!  They look like tiny grains of rice.  This is a great sign that the hive is growing in the right direction.
As we inspected each frame, we were on the lookout for the queen!  Can you spot her?  Hint…she has a red dot on her back, for easy location.


Long Live the Queen!  We named our 2 queens Thelma and Louise! 

I could not have asked for a more perfect 1st inspection!  We were able to locate both Thelma and Louise.  We also verified that they are both laying eggs.   My heart is filled will such joy…  Next week, we will be on a hunt for larvae!  I can’t wait!


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36 thoughts on “Long Live the Queen

    1. Nope. The bees need to create comb on the frames. Now that the queen cage has been removed, the frames are closer together, so making burr comb will not be as easy for them.

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  1. Goodness, I learned so much in this post, and the pictures are so clear and beautiful. The burr (just learned that word) combs in some of them look almost sci-fi. I look forward to seeing more cool stuff!

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    1. Check out a few posts before this one. (In the Bee category) I started my posts from the beginning, when I picked the bees up at the post office!


      1. Surely they are, we knew because in our Holy Book Quran, a whole chapter is dedicated to it. And it’s been told 1400+ years.

        So definitely has alot of importance at our end. Plus from health point of view has loads of benefits. And it says, if they died mankind will also die. Since they start the whole food cycle.

        So alot of depth in one small creation of God.

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