Passion for Polish

And yes, the chicken chatter continues…  I can’t help it!  It is Spring and Spring = babies!  Now, keep in mind, this 46-year-old Mother hen is a bit too old for babies.  In fact, if I even mentioned the thought of human babies, Wifey would probably book a one way ticket out-of-town!  This is why she is such an amazing supporter of my chicken addiction…and duck addiction…and addiction to animals in general.  Wifey is one smart lady!

I have decided that the chicken word of the day is…Polish!  I have a serious passion for polish chickens!  Many of you have read about Flo and Mavis, our current polish hens.

The Fabulous Flo


The Marvelous Mavis

After much planning and research, I decided to focus some of my energies on breeding polish chickens!  Yesterday was the big day…the ladies arrived!

Buff laced, silver laced and golden laced polish pullets

Pullets are female chickens, less than one year old.  The cockerels arrive tomorrow.  A cockerel is a male chicken less than one year old.

Left: Flo is a 2-year-old buff laced polish hen.  Right: 24 hour old buff laced polish pullet.

Life is full, here at Indigo Acres!  Between many new additions to the farm and three teenagers, with many end of the school year activities, we are hopping!   Speaking of hopping…we don’t have bunnies on the farm.  Hmmmmm…that I something I might have to contemplate!  (Let’s not mention that idea to Wifey just yet!)  Oh, and I almost forget!  Our 20,000 Italian honey bees arrive next week!  Life is oh so good!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…







8 thoughts on “Passion for Polish

  1. This is fun to watch (from afar!!). You might want to rethink the bunnies, population control is not so easy and we have them everywhere here, despite the large coyote and raccoon presence. They are destroying everyones yard! In fact, I have a better idea! I will round up ours and send them to you!! No hutches required 😊

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