Critter Connection: Incy Wincy Style

I was excited to meet up with a few old friends in the gardens!

Spring is definitely here!


What a sweetie!


This little friend was just waking up!

I understand that many do not hold a passion for spiders.  Trust me, I never did until a few years ago.  Something magical happened, when I took the time to really examine them, behind the lens.  They are so intricate and fascinating to observe.  Next time you have a shoe in hand, ready to squish that 8 legged garden friend, stop for just a moment and remember that we all have a special place here on Mother Earth…spiders included.


Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…






28 thoughts on “Critter Connection: Incy Wincy Style

  1. Roda, you know you are truly in love with nature when can say, while looking at a spider,”what a sweetie”. There are not many of use that feel that way about spiders. 🦋🦋🦄💕

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  2. Spiders can both frighten and intrigue me, and I love that about them. I once had an entire winter of spider lodgers in my bedroom. I took photos of my new buddies and wondered what on earth they were up to when they would appear missing a leg. I nicknamed one pirate. I need to find those pictures! In short, I love these pictures! 😍

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  3. Spiders! You know how much I appreciate them! Spiders perform a very important function in our ecosystem. Worldwide, they eat well over 400 tons of insects in the course of a year which is about how much meat the people eat. If it weren’t for spiders, we would be literally up to our eyeballs in insects…some of them VERY nasty and dangerous.

    On the other end of things, they provide an important food source for thousands of bird species.

    Besides, if you kill a spider it will rain. My Mom said so!

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  4. After our tarantula encounter in Tucson, I started following “tarantula lovers” on instagram just to desensitize myself. I never feared the little ones, but the big dudes take a toll! Your post is ok with me🕷💕

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