Your Chickens are Trying to Kill Me!

Wifey seems to be having a bit of an issue with the ladies.  I don’t understand what the problem is?  The girls are sweet as can be to me. They say “good morning” and even move over, just a bit, so I can easily collect their eggs.  Yet, Wifey tells a bit of a different tale.  I think it is time for a little Wifey interview, to shed some light on the chicken situation…

Me:Ok, now what is the problem with the girls?

Wifey: They are trying to kill me!

Me:Don’t you think you are overreacting just a bit?  They are sweet ladies, and I really don’t think they are trying to hurt you.

Wifey:You were not out there!

Me:Ok, I agree.  I did not collect eggs today.  Why don’t you tell me what happened and what you did to upset the ladies.

Wifey: I did not do a thing to upset the ladies!  That white one, with the dot on her head, tried to kill me!

Me: Do you mean my sweet Angel?  The polish/silkie cross?

Wifey: That chicken is a mutt!  And, it behaves like a pterodactyl…no a raptor!

Me: Angel has always been sweet and gentle with me.  Are you sure we are talking about the same chicken?

Wifey: I knew you would not believe me, so I have surveillance footage for proof!  I nearly lost a finger because of that bird!

Me: Ok, let’s see it…

Wifey:See!  I told you! I am so done with that chicken!

Me: I am sorry, but I have to side with Angel.  She was obviously frightened.  You did not even say hello to her, you just reached down, with your scary farm glove and tried to steal her potential babies!  I would attack you, too!

Wifey:Of course you would side with a chicken!  (Insert eye roll)  That chicken and her brood are all yours tomorrow.  I am so done!  And by the way, Mama tried to kill me, too!

“Mama” – Partridge Rock

After this conversation, I decided to walk out to Angel’s coop and check in on her.  I immediately said “hello” and scooped her up.  She glanced at me, with those beautiful eyes  and gave her usual friendly chirp!  Look at that face!  Does that look like the face of a killer?

Sweet Angel

Watch for an update, coming soon, about Wifey and the so-called “killer chickens”.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



36 thoughts on “Your Chickens are Trying to Kill Me!

  1. I may have to take wifey’s side on this. Our cat, Monti, hates and attacks (and hisses) at everyone but hubby, son and me! So, if a cat can have favorites, but tries to eat everyone else’s face off, then perhaps a fowl can too! 🐔 😊

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  2. The look on Angel’s face scares even me! When I was doing Community Service at our county animal shelter, I took care of around 20 pit bulls. I would rather deal with them than risk my life with Angel, lol. ☺💜

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  3. Wifey tried very hard to be gentle. Angel might be an angel to you, but she obviously has it in for Wifey. And worse than that, you have no sympathy for her! And look at the horrible things you did to that little Cardinal just because it sang a little too much! At least it didn’t try to bite you!! Wifey has my number, tell her to call if she needs a sympathetic ear! 🐔 ☠️🐔

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  4. This is so funny!!

    Angel clearly takes no prisoners and regards you as the boss and wifey as the competition for your affections.

    I was always terrified of the psycho-chickens my grandparents had in their orchard. There are also free-roaming chickens at the nursery where Susan works and even Molly will not tangle with them.

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  5. Oh boy! I remember having a similar conversation with my husband when we first introduced the cat into our home. He retaliated though and ended up having to basically grovel for a year afterwards. Tell Wifey she doesn’t want that to happen! Animals have long memories. I love your little Roda-egg bitmoji btw. 🙂

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  6. 🙂 Funny!
    Scarlet, our Scarlet Macaw is nice to Marla and i. Tweetie, on the other hand, calls Marla names and whenever she is in their room often says, “Go ahead!” in a derogatory way. Tweetie is always nice to me. Tweetie is a female and is very jealous of Marla. Once, when i scolded her for calling Marla names, after a long lecture to her, i said, “Well, are you going to be good now?” Her reply, “Yeah, to you!”

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  7. Yes, actually, that is the face of a feathered predator 😀 … and like any predator, chooks have an uncanny instinct for the ‘blood on the water’ moments. You’re one of her tribe, Wifey, who obviously, isn’t ‘blinked’ and was done’fer. 😀

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