As many of you know, I have a bit of a chicken and duck addiction. With over 31 ducks and 100+ laying hens, our collection keeps growing.  Due to this, the building of a new chicken barn will begin in just a few weeks (if the snow ever melts!).  To add to the excitement, we finally purchased an incubator!  WOOHOO!!   We decided to test it out and see just how busy Roo has been with the ladies. Keep in mind, we currently have only one rooster, and he is at the bottom of the pecking order. He walks with a limp, due to the ladies beating up on him. There are a few girls that don’t mind Roo’s presence. Plus, he does step in and break up the girl fights, when needed.

Meet Roo, our stud muffin!

Roo is a Rhode Island Red and seems to have taken a liking to our Easter Egger hens.  I was excited to think about the outcome of crossing these two breeds  So, we collected 7 eggs and put them in the incubator.  On day 7, we candled the eggs to check for life…5 out of 7 of the eggs had been fertilized and had viable embryos.  (Good job, Roo!) On day 21, our 5 chicks will hopefully hatch.

This is a 7 day old embryo: Feathers are beginning to form on the tail and thighs; toes lengthen; the comb begins to grow; the egg tooth begins to form; the eye is highly visible.

I have been dreaming of starting a breeding program, since we built the horse barn.  Since Wifey is not buying into the idea of breeding mini donkeys…YET…I will have to settle on chickens and ducks, for now!

My goal was to focus on a specific breed, but making that decision seemed challenging.  How does one choose?  Well, when it came down to it, there was really only one choice… Polish!  I am so in love with this whimsical and quirky breed!

The Stunning Ms. Flow


The Marvelous Ms. Mavis

So, in just a few weeks, our polish breeding stock will arrive! We have been busy setting up new homes for our Roos, as well as a very special breeding run, aka “The Love Shack”.  Flow and Mavis might even enjoy a special date at “The Love Shack”, in the Fall.

Over all, Indigo Acres is a very busy place right now!  If only Mother Nature would stop the wind, snow and ice, we could finally begin SPRING!

Watch for more chick updates to come!

  Life on the farm is truly Egg-cellent!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


My sweet Comet


23 thoughts on “Egg-cellent!

  1. How cool is this post. The Polish look like Fowl 60s’ rockstars!

    We went to speak to the couple at the local farmers market place about our impending arrivals – another couple of weeks.
    Did I ask you for details about housing the chickens?

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    1. What is taking so long? 😢 I start my chicks at 24 hours old. They are mailed directly to the post office, when special ordered. You did not ask about housing.


      1. Don’t ask me! The couple who run their little stall at the market say a week or two and they will be delivered. *Shrug* What do I know?
        We confirmed five chickens and a rooster.

        Any tips about housing them?

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      2. Depending how old they are when they arrive, they need to be under a heat lamp, in a brooder for at least 4-6 weeks. I start at 90°F the first week and drop the temp. down by 5° every week for 6 to 8 weeks. Once they are fully feathered and temperatures are appropriate overnight, they can be moved outside without heat lamps. At about four weeks of age, if you can add a small roosting pole in their brooder area, that will be helpful. They will want to start to fly and roost at that point. Make sure you start them on chick grower feed for the first 18 weeks of age. Add baby chick grit to aid in digestion at four weeks of age. You can move them to a layer feed ration at 18 weeks of age.They love fruits and veggies, too!


      3. I am told they will arrive fully feathered so that is a relief and the couple will provide

        The food they need.
        My wife has mentioned clearing out an old storeroom at the back of the property for them.
        I suppose we need to out down straw etc, yes?
        What is a roosting pole?

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      4. If they are fully feathered they will most likely be around four weeks old. They will still need temps around 70°F and then dropping down by 5° after that until temps hit 60 for a low. I’m not sure what your temps are overnight right now. If you have a piece of wooden dowel you can hang that or an old broom pole. Even a 2 x 4. They just need something to roost on at night while they’re sleeping.

        I prefer using a 2 x 4, wide side up. It allows their feet to be flat and covered during cold temps.

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      5. You want to keep moisture in the coop as low as possible. We use large wood shavings over straw. You will put that in their nesting boxes as well. You will need to set up nesting boxes at around 17 weeks. Depending on the breed, they can begin laying at 18 weeks of age. Although the first few eggs might be soft shelled. I will take some pictures and email them to you.

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      6. You’re a superstar! I shall pass everything on to the proper authorities.
        If you are amenable maybe I could get them to email you directly if they have any queries or problems? Just ’til they find their feet?

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  2. They are all adorable! I love chickens. I used to have 4 beautiful Black Spanish Chicks, with long tail feathers. I don’t have any right now. I do see some in the future though, when I’m not leasing a property.

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