Awakening – Weekly Photo Challenge

We have had unseasonably cold temperatures here in Michigan.  They say that the corn should be knee-high by the 4th of July.  At this point, I am wondering if we will even have daffodils by July!  Although, yesterday was our first beautiful Spring day, with temperatures reaching a balmy 50 degrees!

A few signs of Spring decided to awaken…


Chionodoxa  – blue glory of the snow


Chionodoxa – white glory of the snow
Purple Crocus

It was a true sign of Spring inside, for we started planting tomato, pepper and brussels sprouts seeds! Soon the greenhouse and hoop houses will be filled with hundreds of seedlings, waiting for sunshine and warmth in the garden.


I know Spring is coming, because this gorgeous friend emerged yesterday!  She was very shy and not thrilled to have her photo taken!


“Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not. ~Deepak Chopra

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



44 thoughts on “Awakening…

  1. Man you’re lucky! We got all four seasons in one day yesterday! The day started warm and balmy, then it started snowing, then that turned to hail, then to rain and then it was windy and cold. I was like Spring where are you please come bury Winter already, lol! Love your pictures Roda. ❤

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      1. Yes ma’am please! A friend of mine is in Maldives right now and I’m insanely jelaous. They can invent those teleport machines any day now! 😂

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  2. Won’t swear to it, as I am not an entomologist, but from the size of the pedipalps I think you might find your ”she” is he … male wolf spider I reckon.
    Still no news when the chickens will arrive. Apparently further inquiries will be made at the weekend.
    Might seem like a daft question, but why do you write the number of days on your seedlings?

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    1. I wondered if it was a wolf spider, but it was not fuzzy at all. It was in a dark corner and quick to run away. I wanted a better look!!

      I keep track of how many days until fruiting, for each variety.

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      1. We phoned the chap, from the market, Mike, this morning. ”Our” chickens are two weeks old, apparently. We will be getting them in a couple more weeks. Now the construction of the chicken home begins this weekend.
        I understand the chickens are Rhode Island Reds?

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      2. They are all Rhode Island Reds? It is a great heritage breed. They are great, long term layers. The more you handle them, they nicer they will be. You are missing the cute chick stage. They will get a bit ugly for awhile!😝


      1. Such a strong storm… in April! Mother Nature has quite a sense of humor. We usually get one big storm in April as well but this time it went further into Canada and miss us. Hope this bad weather is over now and that you and Lisa get lots of sunshine this week. xoxo

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