Meet Michael!

On Tuesday, I announced the three beautiful individuals, that were selected by my family, to receive birthday gifts from Growing Self. You met Kelly on Wednesday and Darren yesterday! Today, I would like to celebrate the talented, funny and poetic wonder, Michael. Here is his story…♥

Meet Michael!


It has been said that a few years ago I had a mid-life crisis. I ceased to pride myself on doing what other people expected of me and I decided to put right some of the things that were not right in my life.

For many people all they saw was that I got the tattoos I had always threatened to have done but never did, I picked up the convertible car I had always fancied but always decided against and abandoned my faith and took up drinking the most wonderful cocktails.

It was not a completely painless experience though, it certainly took some adjusting to but I did not feel particularly moved to explain all of my decisions to everyone, instead simply starting to live in a different way and deal with the things that I felt had held me back.

Call it what you will, I don’t really mind, but I can honestly say that it was a most wonderfully liberating experience and once those nearest and dearest had got used to the change in me I think that they were unanimous in their opinions that I was a considerably happier and more content individual.

Fast forward 5 years and I again find myself in a place where I feel an urge deep down that needs to be scratched. I’m still a little uncertain how it happened but before I know it last July I had started a blog and what a ride it has been. I have expressed things I would never have considered previously, and I have been affected by the work of others and have seen how my words have brought both laughter and tears to people who have been kind enough to take their time to read it.

Most importantly though connections with people have been made and for me that is a big thing. I am not a particularly social or emotional person, and as an old grey haired tattooed dog not one for new tricks so to find myself being something I did not think I was is a big deal and the influence of others in the blogosphere in this journey has been quite something indeed.

I highly recommend you visit Michael’s blog!  His writing and poetry will make you laugh one minute and cry the next!  Such a talent!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



8 thoughts on “Meet Michael!

  1. Michael, you are one of my favorite lunatics and I say that in the most loving way. You’ve elicited more belly laughs from me in the past few months than I can count. Your irreverence is refreshing and fresh. Keep writing, my friend. My fun quotient depends on it. ❤️

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