A Sign of Spring: Stop the Presses!


Many of you know that I love critters!  The Winter can be difficult for me, not so much due to the snow and cold, but because I miss my outdoor critters.  Although Wifey loves our furry and feathered farm friends, she is not a fan of my creepy crawly pals.  Due to this, I am on “Bug Duty” full-time!  Everyone knows they are NOT to kill any critters, due to the “non-kill agreement” in our home. This means no throwing shoes at spiders and definitely not flushing ANYTHING down the potty!

Tonight, Wifey entered the kitchen and stated the following, “If I can’t kill it, then you need to remove it from our window, stat!”  I was instantly filled with excitement!  It felt like Christmas morning! The critters must be waking up!! And, I was absolutely correct!  Look at this cutie…


Wifey was not amused, when I took the time for a mini photo shoot.

Such a cute little Stink Bug: Brown Marmorated

It doesn’t take much to bring me pure joy!


Oh, one more thing…we won’t mention to Wifey that this little friend has wings and flew off my finger and is still somewhere inside the house.  As far as she knows, he has been released into the wild! Wink-Wink

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



32 thoughts on “A Sign of Spring: Stop the Presses!

  1. Not in the house! Critters belong outside. Lol. As soon as I saw the first photo I thought, “isn’t that a stink bug? and she has it on her finger taking a photo of it?!” Oh my!
    I actually saw one in our yard the other day and instructed him that he was NOT to come inside…ever. 🙂

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      1. I just read this on Wikipedia…Wifey might not want to know this. lol

        “The bug survives the winter as an adult by entering houses and structures when autumn evenings become colder, often in the thousands. In one home more than 26,000 stinkbugs were found overwintering.”

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      1. Well last time we tried to trap one under an upturned mug to remove from an arachnophobes sight we had to change plans because the span of its legs was bigger than the mug! European house spiders can be quite imposing.

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