I’d Rather Be With Chicks!

Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be…

I admit, I love everything about my life!  But, I do have a few favorite things that bring me a serious amount of JOY!  Two words…baby animals!  It is Spring, and I can’t seem to help myself…  Life is too short to not purchase more baby chicks!

Look at that face!


These bantam chicks are only 24 hours old!


This little sweetie is very shy…


This tiny friend has some attitude already!


Prim and Proper!




Here is short video!  Listen to those peeps!!!

I told myself…NO MORE BABIES this year!

A few more won’t hurt, right?!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


50 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be With Chicks!

      1. We sell chicken and duck eggs. We have raised our own organic meat chickens and turkey, in the past. Our processor retired, so I think we are going to skip that this season. Our freezer is full of chicken, so we are set for a while!

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  1. So sweet! 🙂 I’m, sadly, allergic to chickens – had a chick when I was young and ended up in hospital because of it and it had to be rehomed, but I enjoyed its company while I had it. I hope it grew into a fine chicken. 🙂 I hope yours do, too.

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    1. We can meet up at Frederick Meijer Gardens for flower and butterfly inspiration and then you can come and visit the farm!!! I will be doing a photo shoot with the babies this weekend, before their feathers start to come in

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      1. And just about two hours by plane! I have a shoot this weekend but I so much want to do this in a near future. Let’s do it this summer maybe and ask if Darren, Linda, DEE-DEE and Marie are interested.

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      2. Linda and I have been dreaming about this for a while. THAT would be awesome. I know Lisa lives near your place. Linda is not to far from me. There’s a big ocean between Darren and us but he is now near Margit. What about DEE-DEE and Marie? Any idea?

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      1. Great! Can’t wait to see them. I will do a dyeing project for Easter. I will show how my vintage jeans were embellished. The technique is about the same as dyeing eggs!

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