Don’t Forget!

Don’t forget, I have gifts I would love to share, with two lucky individuals, to celebrate Growing Self’s 1st Birthday!!

It’s time to celebrate and give back to all of the beautiful and talented individuals I have had the privilege to meet, over the past year! I love sharing gifts, making birthdays and special moments extra special! After much thinking, I have decided to gift a few of my favorite things! (No worries, none of them are chickens, bumblebees or teenagers!)

*2 Amazing individuals will receive the following gifts from ME!!!*

Gift From the Sea by Ann Morrow Lindbergh


The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown


An Indigo Acres t-shirt – “Do What You Love”


A Puravida bracelet, in my favorite shades of green, dedicated to saving the Sea Turtles


You are probably wondering how these gifts could end up at your door! Well, it is pretty simple… Write a post about YOU! What brings you JOY? How have you GROWN over the past year? What risks have you taken to FOLLOW YOUR HEART? How have you learned to LOVE YOURSELF. How has GROWING SELF inspired YOU? The possibilities are endless!
Now comes the tricky part! How do I decide on only two individuals?!?! I don’t! My family does! Once you write your post, link it to Growing Self. Then, go to my “Get In Touch Page” and e-mail me your text for consideration. I will print them out and share them with my family. The two individuals chosen will not only receive these 4 beautiful gifts, but have their submissions featured on Growing Self.

Submissions will be accepted through Saturday, March 17! The two selected individuals will be announced through Growing Self on Tuesday, March 20th! It is time to celebrate YOU and all of your GROWTH!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




9 thoughts on “Don’t Forget!

  1. Fabulous gifts, Roda. But most of all it is a great opportunity to share how the connections we make through WP can be uplifting. Not only in terms of self growth but it also provides the possibility of encouraging others. You have been doing that daily for the past year and for that I thank you. You are a perfect example of what blogging is all about. Sharing great content and good vibes. I appreciate the artist that you are, a fabulous photographer and painter, but what makes me even happier is that in the past few months you have become a dear friend. You are such an amazing woman with compassion, energy and the heart of a child. You do inspire me. A lot. I am so glad you are my Twin Sis. You can raid the clothing in my closet anytime!

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