Signs of Spring

There is something calming about the days of March.  There is a stillness, yet life is stirring and gently awakening.  Early spring bulbs begin to push though the soil, making their way towards the warmth of the sun.  Critters begin to wander, in search of fresh food, after their long Winter’s rest.


Yesterday, I had the honor and privilege to spend some time with this beautiful whitetail deer.  She was calm and alert, enjoying a few bites of spring grass.  I am always filled with peace, during these magical moments, provided by Mother Nature.


These stunning creatures, and their swiftness, always remind me how quickly precious moments can pass.   Due to this, I remember to openly embrace and live completely in each and every moment…


For the month of March, grab you camera and join me in sharing your Signs of Spring!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…



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