Signs of Spring Photo Challenge

The sun is shining and the sky is gorgeous!   It is a balmy 45 degrees, which feels outstanding, after our chilly Winter.  I am motivated by the sunshine and ready to kick of Spring!  I am always most excited to set up the upper deck, off of the kitchen.  I love to grill and chill in this space.  And once the lilacs and wisteria bloom, I am parked out here as much as possible!   Let’s not forget the twinkle lights…  Can one ever have too many twinkle lights!?


Wifey and I have decided to redecorate this outdoor space.  Who doesn’t enjoy a weekend project, to kick off the season!  Wifey loves a project more than anyone, so say the word and the trailer is hooked up to the Jeep and we are ready for some shopping!   The upper deck will soon be ready, once again, for entertaining, long talks and lots of laughter!  Watch for more updates to come…

Lilac buds

Out lilac shrubs are around 15 feet tall and reach the upper deck.  I noticed today that the buds are beginning to swell!  Such a wonderful sign of Spring…

Grab your camera and join me in the celebration of Spring!  What a fabulous time of year!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…








27 thoughts on “Signs of Spring Photo Challenge

  1. My husband and I spent a week building a sun deck. He measured and I ran the hand held circular saw, our marriage survived and the deck came out great….but would we do it again? No 🙂

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