Growing Self Anniversary

It is difficult to believe that one year ago today, I wrote my first blog post! I have not only written every day for 1 year, but have posted a total of 580 posts! Wow!  And you are all still here!?!? (wink wink)


I have some very exciting plans for celebrating my little blog anniversary, during the month of March.   This will also give me the opportunity to thank everyone, for joining me on my many adventures, with some very fun give-a-ways!

More details coming soon…  Thank you for growing with me and making this past year such a beautiful adventure!

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…




46 thoughts on “Growing Self Anniversary

  1. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!! And congratulations!!!! It’s been such a wonderful delight reading your posts, even if I haven’t been here the whole time. May your blog continue to grow and prosper! ☺️🎉❤️🎈

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  2. Wooohooo! That’s amazing! I didn’t know we started around the same time? My blog anniversary will be in a couple of weeks. Right around St. Patrick’s Day. I certainly don’t have the number of posts you have. I’m quite a bit shy of 400. I need to do some writing in the next couple of weeks!!

    Seriously though, congratulations not only for the quantity of your blog but of the quality. Yours is a treat to visit and you’ve brought some wonderful people together. I truly cherish you as a fellow blogger but even more so as a dear friend. 🐉 ❤️ 🐉 ❤️ 🐉

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