Complete Sweetness…

Sweet is the focus of this week’s photo challenge!

I am surrounded by sweet critters each and every day…   Here are just a few!

band and barn 119
11-21-17 025
Band and kid pictures Fall 2015 147
kittens 5-1-16 009
11-7-17 Murphy 021
1-16-18 011
Band and kid pictures Fall 2015 072


Goat love from Sam and Pippin


Magic, Leo and Wifey

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…






32 thoughts on “Complete Sweetness…

      1. You asked permission! Seriously?

        ”Hey, sweetheart, do you mind if I call you a critter on my new post?”

        ”Er … ”

        I’ve been called an old dog at times by my missus but one has to mindful that context is everything.

        Your photos of critters are lovely, of course. All the critters.

        Are you lot still snowed in?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ha! Wifey likes animals better than people, so she was fine with it!!
        It was a balmy 42 degrees F yesterday! I didn’t even need a coat! Bonus! Lots of melting, but over a foot of snow still on the ground.


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