An Unexpected Visitor


After my eventful day on Monday, I was hoping Tuesday would be smooth sailing.

Well, there was one little bump…


I made my way out to the barn for morning chores.  I was 10 feet from the back door when I stopped dead in my tracks, like I had seen a ghost!  This beautiful creature was sitting on top of a snow pile, gazing right at me.  It appeared to be a critter directly out of a fantasy movie.  I was just waiting for it to open its mouth and begin to talk!   I believe the words, “What the hell are you?”came out of my mouth!  (Roda is becoming quite the potty mouth, these past few days.)  Then, the thought actually crossed my mind that maybe I was head butted by Sam, the goat, yesterday, harder than I thought!  Was I seeing things!? Had I completely lost my mind!?

I will admit it, my heart was pounding, for I knew this was not an animal that lived in Michigan.  It looked like a fox and a raccoon mixed.  I slowly entered the barn and went to my friend Google.  From what I could tell, it appeared to be a marbled fox.  I immediately put on my long leather gloves and thought I would take a closer look.  (And of course, I took the camera!)  I watched the barn cats walk within just a few feet of this beautiful fellow.  He was not afraid of me or them.  This told me that he either had to be someone’s pet that had escaped, or he was ill.  At that point, I recalled that our elderly neighbors mentioned, a few years ago, that their daughter had a rescued fox that lived next to their horse barn.  Could they still have him? Maybe he escaped?


Keep in mind, all of the animals were extremely grumpy because I was not letting them out and I was not feeding them on time.  I had my eye on this critter and I was really not up for a blood bath.  Tame or not, this fox still had natural hunting instincts.  I returned to the house and drove next door to check and see if they just might be missing a critter.  Sure enough, he had escaped his enclosure!

As amazing as he was, it made my heart sad to see him out of his natural habitat.  He should be running in the snowy woods, hunting for his dinner…just not at Indigo Acres!  Obviously, he enjoyed observing the cats and was not bothered by them.  Maybe he will escape again and visit Indigo Acres where all of the excitement takes place!  Until then, I am glad to know that I was not having visions of talking, arctic animals!

Now about that vacation?

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You!




32 thoughts on “An Unexpected Visitor

      1. I would have been rooted to the spot with Wow-ness.
        You did very well not to holler with excitement, and the resulting photo is worthy of a frame and a wall.
        I would have been grinning all day.

        Liked by 1 person

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