Positive Vibes

2017 was a bit of a bumpy year, from a health perspective. Because of this, my workout routine became almost nonexistent.  Keep in mind, I love to exercise! Daily walks, yoga, and weights are all a natural part of my everyday life.   Add meditation and healthy eating to this regiment, and I am one happy girl!  I so appreciate the hard work and health benefits, of a healthy lifestyle, especially when I witness the results.


The scale has never been my friend!  It is an evil little machine that should be used for measuring the weight of anything but humans.  I am 5’10…I have been 5’10 since 9th grade.  Rather than using the phrase “tall girl”, my mom consistently referred to me as a “big girl”.  I have never considered myself BIG by any means; I am TALL, with an athletic build.  It is amazing how a simple word can have such a negative impact on life.

I spent my first 30 years of existence comparing myself to others.  I also lived those years in turmoil over the number on the scale.  Regardless if I ran 5 miles or 10 miles, I was always comparing.  If only I would have focused my energies on embracing my own gifts…


On 11-11-11 I turned 40!  40 was liberating for me.  I spent my 30s figuring out ME.  I learned to love myself.  I learned to embrace the things I could not change.

It is so easy to compare ourselves to others.  Now, I choose to compare myself to ME and only ME.  It feels great to be able to workout again and give 110% to my health and wellness.  I might be 46 years old and have wrinkles, stretch marks and a few platinum hairs, but I love ME!  I will always strive to be the best version of myself.

Love Yourself…Embrace Yourself…Just Be You…


Positive Vibes!

36 thoughts on “Positive Vibes

  1. I love this post. Your pictures are so beautiful. (You are so beautiful!) I really understand your issues with the scale–it has never been my friend either, and I decided I am no longer going to let it dictate my life. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, Roda. This helps me reinforce really healthy, positive thinking habits I have been working on in my life. Love and hugs, Friend.

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  2. You know, I have no idea what my weight is at all. I am 5′ 1 and a half (the half is important!). 2 extra pounds on a short chick looks like 10 (that is 5 per but cheek, if you are paying attention). However, muscle is denser than fat and will show on the scale making that number unrealistic. My daughter was a competitive gymnast for 10 years, solid muscle with a six pack at the age of 8 and her BMI was high due to her height/weight ratio.
    I have seen women brag about how small that number is on their scale and they have flabby arms, or a spare tire around the midsection, due to lack of muscle.
    So, is the number a true representation of health? Not in my mind. As long as my clothes fit, I can do 20 pull ups, run 10 miles and I feel good-then I am happy! We all need to find what works for us and forget what the person next to you is doing 🙂

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